Mom Thrown Out of Court for Breastfeeding Infant Son

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Hot on the heels of Gisele Bundchen's breastfeeding photos, a Norwich, Conn., mother has come forward to share her tale of being thrown out of a courtroom there when she began to breastfeed her 3 month old son.

Danielle Gendron was in court to testify but was waved out by a marshal when her son, Maddox, needed to eat.

"I went to feed him and the marshal just, you know, she immediately just waved me out," Gendron says. "That's never happened to me so I wasn't sure she was speaking to me at first so I kind of looked around and she was like 'you get out.'"

Because of her removal from the courtroom, Gendron didn't get the chance to take the stand.

The state of Connecticut is one of 45 states and the District of Columbia which have laws protecting the rights of mothers to breastfeed in any public or private location. 

Sadly, Gendron's story is not an anomaly.

Earlier this year, Laura Trickle was nearly held in contempt of court for being unable to attend jury duty and care for her infant child at the same time. A judge gave her the order to feed her child by bottle or find a babysitter. Jessica Moser was told to give her baby formula so that the child could spend the night with her father.

Gendron, it seems, is just the latest in a line of mothers to be shamed for breastfeeding.


Some babies will not take a bottle and need to be fed so to linda you are an idiot and must think everyone on this earth has the exact same children you do with the same tempermant Because u act as though u know whats best for someone elses baby when u dont know shit...god forbid u ever have a baby that needs something other than what u already have expectations to give it cause your baby will be deprived!...oh and get a life you are a loser


Linda- your comments are ignorant! The time and place for breast feeding is one your child is hungry. A breast feeding mother has only one person to be concerned about and that is her child. Not to mention the fact that the law protects her right to breast feed in public.


No matter how far we have come in this nation there is still a time and place for breastfeeding. I breastfed both of my daughters but not everyone wants to see it or be around it. Quite frankly I am appalled that women who do that are not considerate of the rest of the people. I am glad they asked her to leave.


sorry for hr but Court isn't the 'Hema-corporation'.

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