Justin Bieber to Haters: EFF YOU!

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Justin Bieber says he doesn't give a f-uck about haters.

And now he's posted a photo to Instagram that evokes the F word in similar fashion, posing alongside a friend, giving the camera a double-finger salute and including as a caption:

"4 the haters."

Doesn't get more straightforward than this, does it?

Justin Bieber, Middle Finger

Bieber, of course, has come under heavy criticism throughout most of 2013.

He's peed in buckets. He's been carried up Great Walls. He's come across, at times, as a totally spoiled jerk. But he's also performed surprise concerts in the Philippines.

Which side of Justin Bieber will stand out in 2014? Tune in to THG and find out!


I have seen how much Bieber has changed. I kind of like the person he is now. He was too cute and immature when he started...


This little boy trying to play grown up, should hook up with Miley...Two freakin losers....


In the words of Ellen....to JB....right back at ya ! ...with 2 middle fingers. That's your mentality so I guess that's what you understand.


And for his next act, Baby Biebs will spit on his fans...whoops, already done than too. Pathetic, spoiled, skinny little Twinkie with the mental acuity of a three year old. Stick a soother in him and send him to Dimwit Daycare.


Fuck jb suck your dick




Hey Bieber! Ever hear of Leif Garrett? Sean Cassidy or his brother David? Scott Baio? Frankie Avalon? There's a very long list of past "teen age idols" who were beloved by their young female fans for a few years and had hit records, TV series, magazine covers, fancy cars, lots of money, success and fame. But they all grew up and were soon replaced by another younger heart-throb and another generation of young girls who adored them. So get ready, Bieber. Your time is just about up, and if you continue to go around with your pants on the ground and your middle finger in the face of your public, your moment in the spotlight will be even shorter than those who preceded you. Your new records have already bombed, so what else can you do?

@ JimmyT

Whoa! Well said, Jimmy!


Some day the Biebs will look back on all this and realize he blew his career. I think he's already OVER. Too late, buddy. Your fans are very fickle and will find a new young man to worship sooner than you think. And how are those singles you put out every week selling for ya', by the way? What a joke you have turned out to be.


Sometimes things are better left unsaid. We already know he has contempt for most things...now we know its for everyone.


A wonderful example for your young fans........hope moms still proud of you!


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