Britney Spears: I Love Sex ... But I'm So Old!

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Britney Spears loves sex, but she feels like an old lady in the bedroom sometimes, or so the singer claims in her new documentary, "I Am Britney Jean."

Britney Spears: Work It, Bitch!

A sexual dynamo who used every ounce of appeal in her arsenal to sell 50 million records, Britney's still got it nowadays ... even if she's not feelin' it.

Spears confessed her love of boning in "I Am Britney Jean," saying, "I love sex. I think sex is great ... but I feel a little different about it now that I’m older."

"Sometimes I feel like I’m 20 and then sometimes I feel like I’m 50."

It's an interesting statement, considering Britney has been outspoken about wanting to tone it down, despite admitting "a lot of sex goes into what I do."

She recently said she's being pushed too far in music videos for "Work Bitch" and other songs, and implied that she wants to set a better example for her kids.

On the flip side ... she still takes part on the aforementioned videos.

in the documentary, she reiterated that she still loves to do the deed, but insinuated again that her most sexually charged concert days are behind her.

Again, we're not sure how serious that comment by Britney is.

While we likely won't see her make out with Madonna or gyrate half-naked during her Vegas residency, her music and music videos are as racy as ever.

Is she sending mixed signals? Or really turning over a new leaf? Either way, her new boyfriend David Lucado? Not an unlucky man by any means.

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