Miley Cyrus to Jimmy Fallon: I'm Very Talented!

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Miley Cyrus went all A cappella on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, joining The Roots for an impression rendition of "We Can't Stop."

But the singer also touched on a number of topics during her interview with Fallon, starting by telling the host that she's really cold. Oh, and really talented.

"I feel [Saturday Night Live] was a good time for me to kind of show people that I don't just twerk and lick stuff," Cyrus said. "I can sing. And I can act a little bit, too!"

Added the 20-year old of her SNL hosting stint, which included a sketch that mocked the government shutdown and an impression of Scarlett Johansson: "I'm multitalented. My parents are proud."

Cyrus also poked fun at her penchant for getting naked these days, responding to a question about whether she likes getting dolled up by telling Fallon:

"To be honest, not that much. I don't really like getting dressed up period, as you can tell."

Miley - who told SNL viewers over the weekend that Hannah Montana has been "murdered" - also went into detail about her audition process for the show that made her famous.

"I went in for my first audition and then I came back with the braces and they looked at me like, 'What happened to her over the summer?' It was the reverse of the ugly duckling," she said.

"I just kept getting uglier as a kid. Then it was like two years later and they were like, 'Okay, fine, fine - we'll hire her.' Because I wouldn't quit going to the auditions. Even if they didn't call me back, I would fly myself to L.A. and keep going back because I knew it's what I wanted."

Miley's new album, "Bangerz," is currently on sale. Check out the outfit she wore for a release event in NYC yesterday:


Fifteen minutes and counting...


The only talent that Miley has, Is craving for Attention....


I watched that show.Never once
did Miley use that expression.
This is a comedy program &
Miley happens to be very clever
& funny besides a great singer.
Lots of people want to see her
& hear her sing.Is that what you
call slender people ,little boy figures? Guess I have a boys body
also.Pisses off the chubby people,
does it not.If you don't want to
see her or think about her, why
do you keep commenting on


She gave an ok performance in The Last Song the movie that brought her w/Liam, but now who the HELL WANTS 2 C OR HEAR HER???


Talented? So am I! I work all the time- pay my rent, taxes, support thousands of Obama voters! Not many people can pull it off! Now aren't I fu*king special.

@ Sims

here here Sims


The only talent is found in her tongue and ass. Can you not see the obituary when she dies: noted for her little boy figure, weak voice, inflated ego, and tongue/ass.


if she is really talented .why she need to be naked.look at her peers .they are wearing a decent clothes except Rihana.the both look like exhibihionist


glad to hear somebody believes in it, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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