Kendall Jenner Releases Photo of North West: Totes Adorbs!

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Kendall Jenner has released another revealing photo on Instagram.

This time, however, the 17-year old is not posing as a topless mermaid or nude with a weird headdress thing on her noggin.

She's holding the hand of her niece, North West!

North West Hand Photo

Kendall posted this cute picture on Instagram yesterday along with the caption, "Roommates and best friends."

It marks the fourth time a member of the Kardashian clan has unveiled a photo of this child, with Kanye West debuting her during a talk show appearance in August... Kim Kardashian posting a cute shot earlier this month... and Khloe Kardashian giving us her own look at Nori's hand.

This family may have some serious issues, but Nori is simply seriously adorable. Well done, Kimye.

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Does the family ever spend time with this child without a camera in front of her face (or hand)...poor thing. It's bad enough her father is the angriest man on this planet while her mother is a porn star and her grandmother is trying to figure out how to make more money off of her.


Roommates? They live in the same house & share a room too? And here I thought this family had enough money so the kids could have their own bedrooms. I bet these "best friends" can't wait to hit the bars together. Just a couple more years.


Now all we have to do is wait for the selfies of NWTTHP holding fingers of the following members of this wicked evil cursed family:Kris Jenner,Kylie Jenner, Bruce Jenner,Kourtney kardashian, Penelope Disick,Mason Disick, Scott Disick,Rob Kardashian,Kim kardashian(the momma),Kanye west (the daddy),auntie-nanny(name unknown),uncles Brody,his brother and wife,bruce jenner's mother(whom kris j hates with a passion),Kris jenner's mother who she keeps out of sight for some reason,last but not least Uncle Lamar Odom will he ever get that chance to hold NWTTHP in his arms? He just might khloe is still pretending to divorce Lamar Odom over infedilities issues and cocaine addiction while banging the GAME and pics jumping on top of him with her legs wrapped around the Games personal FRONT.ok Most stories has been nothing but LIES from this wicked evil Cursed family. So out of all of them I wonder who will be next maybe kim and kanye will do a selfie with them holding NWTTHP looking behind the blankets like beyounce and blue ivy. Kim and Kanye they are nothing but Kopy Kats to the max. stay tune LOL


yep, stick to ladies!!
(those are harmless)


Is there no end to this families demand for attention.


Too sweet! I wish that little one nothing but the best in this world.

@ Fenty

Go back tooo sleep fentie, what's that Norwegian???

@ Swede

And my name is barbadian genius.

@ Swede

Get any what? Stimulating intellectual conversations with you? Or what? Something personal.....sexual? Where are we going with this exactly? How on earth can I ever become enlightened by talking to the likes of you?

@ Swede

Better yet, why don't you kiss my ass then go fuck yourself and then go to hell instead fucking Viking.

@ Fenty

I see you are from lap land, u probably lap it up everyday. show respect or u will not get any.