Kanye West on LAX Photographer Beatdown: My Grandfather Was Dying ...

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Kanye West was oddly friendly and candid with paparazzi today (seriously, it's not April 1) even explaining why he pummeled a photographer in July.

'Ye said that one thing he didn't get to mention this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live (one of the very, very few things) was the context behind the fight (above).

The rapper says the photographer, Daniel Ramos, set him up, was antagonizing him, and it happened just as he learned his grandfather was dying.

Whether this excuses that or his other big "hits" is an open question, but at least he wasn't talking about being from Chicago and issuing any threats.

Other highlights from Kanye's surprising chat?

  • Saying he's misunderstood at times (we think).
  • Fearing North West will have to deal with this.
  • Filling up his admittedly SICK Lamborghini.
  • Telling the paps, "We in this together."

Yes, Kanye really made that last comment, which is even more amazing in light of the fact that one of the douchebags was clearly trying to egg him on.

No word if/when he'll revert to ... this guy:


kanye west is trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL ok. He is going to court in November to learn how much he has to pay and to see if he will be going to jail for awhile for his assault. It will be interesting to watch how everything unfolds on this issue. America already knows that kanye west is only pretending to be this innocent person. kanye west hates the PAPS he also hates America and thinks he is GOD big time.sad Kanye west went Ballistic on the photographer when all had to do was get in the car and ride off in the sunset ok. Kanye west made that instant choice to come around the car and Attack after the photographer just asked him a questions. Most A-list celebrities just smile and keep it rolling if they do not want to be bothered is that so hard to do. Kanye west chose to be HOSTILE it is what it is and still believes that no matter what he is ABOVE THE LAW and his billions or Jay-z,Kims even mommager kris jenner billions will buy his way out of this situation. Kanye west walked the first time, kanye west walked the second time, question will kanye west walk the third time with a slap on the hand after dishing out billions to the court system. I wonder what the legal system is going to do.Remember he has a tour coming up soon.hmmm time will tell the Fate of kanye west a Man with a serious anger managerment issues.It is in the hands of the legal sytem now and I am quite sure the judge residing over his case is watching and taking NOTES big time.sad


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really a sickmaking excuse for this black F*ggot.
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150 years ago this little boy comes to America alone with a suitcase. In his pocket is $12 dollars. He grows up and works 2 jobs and he doesn't take any shit. He gets married and has 3 kids and he doesn't take any shit. He raises his kids and grows old and on the day he died he had $30 dollars to his name but he didn't TAKE ANY SHIT! Moral: we all take shit and this lying, jive ass, wanna be bad ass somehow thinks because he is a celebrity & his birthright is being A BLACK AMERICAN that he shouldn't have to take any shit. The only thing worse than that is the people who make excuses for him or defend his self absorbed, conceited behavior. The people that defend him- what's the common denominator? As if we don't know.......

@ Sims

The common denominator(as if
you had a clue) is that those who
have the courage to stand up for
Kanye West have would be the
ability to forgive, the heart to
show compassion,the ability to
reason and the intelligence to
realize that behind every human
behaviour there is a story.
Conclusion: You would be unable to comprehend any of this.


Excuses, excuses, excuses. Too late. Who was dying when he went after Taylor Swift.

@ robertL

This nothing to do with Taylor. If Kanye were giving a general explanation for his behavior in recent years, then your critique would be valid. he's talking about his RECENT scuffle with a paparazzo. So...

@ lauren

Do you really think you can
reason with bobbi, bobbi, bobbi
who lives in a tiny shallow dream world?

@ lauren

lauren, lauren, lauren - please get in the real world

@ robertL

That's your response, Robert? Seriously. A meaningless comment? Nice.


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