Highest Paid TV Actor: Who (Surprisingly) Tops the List?

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A list of the highest paid TV actors has been released by Forbes magazine, and you might be surprised at some of the names who come out on top.

Number-one on the list? Ashton Kutcher of Two and a Half Men. The actor earned an estimated $24 million from June 2012 to June 2013 alone.

It's a staggering amount considering that 11 million viewers watch the sitcom, down from 28 million when he first stepped in to replace Charlie Sheen.

The ratings are still favorable compared to most, though, and for a show that is in syndication, which generates a lot of income, he's worth it to CBS.

Ashton Kutcher is also still involved in making films (though Jobs didn't exactly set the box office on fire) and is an investor in several tech companies.

Number-two on the list?

None other than Ashton's co-star Jon Cryer, who earned $21 million over the past year. Also unexpected? Ray Romano came in third with $16 million.

The former Everybody Loves Raymond star earns royalties from that series, guest starred on critical darling Parenthood and lends his voice to the Ice Age films.

Mark Harmon of NCIS and Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother tied for fourth place with $15 million, making it a quasi-clean sweep for CBS.

It is America's Most Watched network, so perhaps this isn't that surprising. But would you have ever predicted Kutcher and Cryer as 1-2 on the list?

Rounding out the Top 10 highest paid? Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey, Tim Allen, Angus T. Jones, Michael C. Hall and yes, Charlie Sheen himself.

Who do you think should be the top-earning star on TV?

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Funny, no women on that list.


this is partly the reason Asia & Europe concidder the U.S.A. as a big laugh!!

@ abe

I'd say it's your spelling Abe. Derelict


Jon Cryer is very funny but Ashton Kutcher is not worth it.