Heather Koon Charged With Raping Babies at Daycare, Filming Incident

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Heather Koon, 25, was trusted to take care of little children at an Ohio daycare center. Instead, she stands accused of not only raping them, but filming it.

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    i hope they rot to hell in jail and stay there for the rest of their lives!! nasty mother fuckers like them should never be born, they should have died a long time ago! their parents should be ashame of themselves!! not raising their kids right! if it was my child, i would soo soo beat the hell out of them!! soo pissed off just by reading this article!! i mean what the fuck do they think they are doing?!! those are babies they are talking about!! hope they rot and die in jail!


    Her and her boyfriend would be on life support if it were my children. Nasty nasty pedophiles. There's a special place in hell for ppl like them!


    Why even bother with a long and drawn-out trial????? Send those 2 worthless dirtballs straight to THE ELECTRIC CHAIR and let the both of them FRY AND BURN IN H-E-L-L!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!


    This story is wrong, there were TWO infants on the computer that she raped.


    I would kill them both in the most horrific fashion and make it last days.

    @ Terra

    You sir or madam are brilliant. I too believe that is the best way to make them and all others of their ilk pay for their crimes on this planet.


    YUCK! they should both be hung for the parents to watch!! my thoughts exactly how does a sex offender get to be present where children are?? and how did she even get a damn daycare license!!! they are both in for it when they go to prison thats all i know....


    Both of them should be executed!!!


    This lady is disgusting.. She needs to be put in prison. This sickens me..

    @ Niki

    Prison no way!!Death penalty for Her and boyfriend!!!

    @ Dwain

    Death for them both and all sickos...why stick them in a prison where our tax dollars will be making it like a luxury hotel for them! Prisoners eat better than our boys overseas!!!


    How how how does someone who is dating a registered sex offender get to work with children??


    I would blab it to the world. This troll needs to be incarcerated! This is just so tragic for the babies and you will NEVER know how many she did this to! She probably filmed it for the sex offender boyfriend's benefit. Piece of garbage! I'd sue the shit out of that place! Again, no screening was done obviously.

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