Heather Koon Charged With Raping Babies at Daycare, Filming Incident

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Heather Koon, 25, was trusted to take care of little children at an Ohio daycare center. Instead, she stands accused of not only raping them, but filming it.

She faces two counts of rape after police say they found video on her laptop of her "engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant," reports say.

An investigation also revealed an additional victim.

Cops found the alleged video of the crime on Koon's laptop at the apartment where her boyfriend, James Osborne, a registered sex offender, lives.

Both Koon and Osborne were arrested October 4.

WKYC reported that both sexual assaults took place at ABC Kidz child care in Elyria, Ohio. Parents said they fear their children may also be victims.

Andrea Lankey said of her two-year-old:

"He doesn't like his diaper being changed. He doesn't like being touched... When I used to drop him off he used to scream so bad that he would be like hyperventilating."

In a statement, Carlos Johnson, the attorney for ABC Kidz, said the company does not believe there were other victims, but is investigating thoroughly:

"The daycare in cooperating with the investigation and we’re compiling a list to determine which kids were present while she, Heather Koon, worked there."

"We do not think there are more victims, but out of the abundance of cautiousness we want to make sure that we are correct."

The father of the victim in the video told a local station that representatives from ABC Kidz "tried to act like it was a simple assault" when they contacted him.

"A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discreet," the father, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, added.


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This story is wrong, there were TWO infants on the computer that she raped.


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@ Terra

You sir or madam are brilliant. I too believe that is the best way to make them and all others of their ilk pay for their crimes on this planet.


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How how how does someone who is dating a registered sex offender get to work with children??


I would blab it to the world. This troll needs to be incarcerated! This is just so tragic for the babies and you will NEVER know how many she did this to! She probably filmed it for the sex offender boyfriend's benefit. Piece of garbage! I'd sue the shit out of that place! Again, no screening was done obviously.

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