Bigfoot Footage Presented at Conference: Does the "Human-Hybrid" Exist?

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Bigfoot is totally alive and out there.

So concludes research done by the Sasquatch Genome Project, which spent five yeas and $500,000 on collecting evidence to show the world that this legendary monster is really roaming the Earth.

The team shared what it billed as "never before seen HD video" at a news conference in Dallas Tuesday, with businessman backer Adrian Erickson telling a local CBS affiliate:

“People have chosen not to believe it," Erickson told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

"They can’t find it in their minds to think these things exist.”

According to the Sasquatch Genome Project, they tracked animals of all kinds around the world and reportedly found both a male AND female version of Bigfoot.

They've labeling this creature a "human-hybrid" and point to DNA results as proof.

Group member Dr. Melba Ketchum, though, says scientific journals refuse to publish their findings because "mainstream science just can’t seem to tolerate something controversial."

Watch the video above and determine whether this could be actual footage of the famous specimen, then consider some of the other recent "sightings."

In the past, a man attempting a Bigfoot hoax was killed by a car in Montana; Bigfoot was supposedly spotted in Canada this August, while someone reported Sasquatch in Oregon.

What do you make of all this? Tell us in our survey below:

Bigfoot: Real or fake?


There is a very logical explanation for this creature. It is a Republican that like Tea Party Conservatives has decided to move into the woods and disconnect from all Government interaction, it doesn't want to pay taxes, have heath care, have to spend it's money on improving America, tell the truth, hates having a job, hates civilized society and basically despises the idea of America progressing and improving in any small way. It would go to Washington to vote against everything good for America too along with it's other Republican colleagues in the Congress, but security won't let it in the building. Due to it's radical views of driving America over a cliff to solve our problems, no one wants to vote for it either to give it authority to represent Americans, alot like the way all Republicans are headed these days. It is also very well armed as it loves it's guns more than life itself, and has been seen at times with what appears to be a Dale Earnhardt baseball cap and a bible. Obviously caution should be exercised when approaching this creature, it has de-evolved into an American hating monster and is not sane.


If it was a sleeping human-hybrid why was this $500,000 expedition not prepared to tranq this specimen...They have been working for this for 5 years and didn't think to bring at least one?


The media did zero background check on this story. It's not new and it's not evidence. It's not even credible. It's hilariously fakey and Dr. Ketchum has been completely discredited as was her study by the scientific community. She was given a fair shot and fell flat. Now, Ketchum and Erickson continue to pull these press stunts for publicity. It's truly disgraceful American and international media fall for truly terrible news. I'd rather hear about the Kardashians! At least we know for sure they are real, however unbelievable.


If big foot is real, how come (after ALL this time) has no one been able to catch one? We can send a man to the moon but we can't catch a single "human hybrid"?! Oh please....

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