Bethenny Versus Omarosa: Totally Fake or Totally Awesome?

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It's been quite the week on Bethenny for staged events producers hope will boost the show's sagging ratings.

First, Farrah Abraham got into it with an audience member who questioned her parenting skills.

And today, former Apprentice star and current pastor Omarosa stopped by the program because, according to Frankel, she likes "talking to controversial people" and she's "intrigued by human behavior."

This led to a heated exchange in which Omarosa talked down to Bethenny, told the host to "walk in her own truth," and questioned whether the talk show would still be around in a year.

Even if you believe this was totally a ploy for ratings, it's rather fascinating/awkward to watch:

Whose side are you on in the Bethenny vs. Omarosa feud?


What Omarosa said is true of white woman in Show Business, but not the work place. Bethany is smart to start a feud with a fellow reality star that is more famous then she. Bethany you may be wealthier then Omarosa, but you're not better known.


Betheny- I have liked all Ur shows & I usually don't comment but I didn't like Omarosa or whatever her name is. She was rude & showed herself as being the ugly person with her personality. Karma will come her way. She shows herself as being a fake person. Keep up the good work Betheny! Ur doing great!! Hugs....


Can't stand big mouth omorrassa


Omarosa started on The Apprentice. Everybody hated her because she is a mean, ugly and materialistic person. She just lost her fiance and immediately was in fight's with his family over money. Why are we giving her another 15 minutes of fame? I think t.v. producers have no clue what people want to watch.


Betheny is a whiney no talent. She does not have the qualifications to have a talk show. She is below mediocre. Omarosa owned her on her own talk show. Betheny looked like she was about to cry. Her show is terrible. It needs to be removed from tv.


Thank you to both women for keeping up the stereotype that all powerful women are bitches. Thanks a lot.


Amarosa is a bitter as b$!;(& .... Bethany will crush her with her Empire she has built ....

@ Tina

No she won't. It's all staged anyway.


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