Adrian Peterson's Son: Alleged Killer Charged With Murder

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The man who allegedly beat Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson's two-year-old son to death earlier this month has been charged with murder.

Joseph Patterson faces one count of second degree murder and two counts of first degree manslaughter, as well as aggravated battery of an infant.

He was also charged with felony child abuse in the death of the two-year-old.

Peterson Son Killer
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Patterson, who was dating the boy's mother, was supposed to be caring for the child while she was away. It's unclear why the alleged attack occurred.

Second degree murder carries a mandatory life sentence in South Dakota.

The tragic case came as a surprise for obvious reasons, but also for some of the details it unearthed about Peterson, the 28-year-old 2012 NFL MVP.

He had never met the boy before he was in a coma after the alleged beating, although he recently was informed of and acknowledged he was the father.

Bobby Ruffin, the man who raised the deceased boy, and whose last name he carries, and who believed he was the dad until recently, called out Peterson.

More specifically, he said he was sick of the "poor AP" s--t following the tragedy, even though he is not in a relationship with the boy's mother either.

Peterson has also fathered six other children by various women.


Who gives a fuck if the child was born out a wedlock or not. It doesn't change the fact that someone killed that man's son. I have born out of wedlock and I'm just fine you pathetic loser. A lot of people I know are born out of wedlock. And if you are one of those religious losers go fuck yourself because the bible is bullshit and so's "god"/"jesus"


A tragic ending to a predictable story. Out of wedlock births and with that comes crime, abuse and more out of wedlock birth.


Why isn't the mother in trouble? He was a convicted violent felon, if thats who she wants to have sex with fine, but hand over her toddler to? Thats criminal. If i have a known pedofile watching my baby, am i not at fault when my kid is in illegal movies? I would hope so. No man is worth your childs life.

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