Kim Kardashian: Why Did She Go Blonde?

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Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair blonde, which raises two questions:

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    I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
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    Kim Kardashian: Why Did She Go Blonde?
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
    Good luck!


    she a slut pad???


    Everyone is so hard on Kim. I know they cause drama, she's a new Mom wants to try a new look, let her be. She' still human you know.


    In a nutshell! Terrible drama queen, no matter what she does to herself. Can't stand her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Jeini

    Colouring your hair is dramatic? You don't know her nor do I but I would say she is allowed to switch it up once in a while like the rest of us.


    I think that her change of colour really does not matter, she can do what she wants. I think that this family is full of drama, although it keeps fans interesting I think that it has gone a little overboard; her hair colour does not matter.


    This family has done absolutely nothing to contribute to society. Who cares what color her hair is or how much weight she's lost since giving birth (you're not even supposed to be dying your hair if you're breastfeeding)? Honestly, her getting together with Kanye is the best thing that has happened for her career since she's basically disappeared from the public eye. Now if only we could figure out how to do this for Kris Jenner...

    @ Shannon Heffner

    I actually can't think of one reality show that does contribute to society.The K's likely do their share of financial aid to charities which we'd never hear about.If you don't care about her hair,weight etc.(which is all reported by the Media,not Kim)why use a site called 'Hollywood Gossip' to debase her?Compared to those smarmy,self-indulgent freaks on all those 'Wives' shows, the K's look pretty sound.All that fighting, bitching,backstabbing on those Housewives ?That is so toxic to young girls and so degrading to all Women.As far as a baby's health being affected by Hair Colouring, it would be up to a doctor to advise Kim if there are any Proven adverse affects. No-one is being forced to acknowledge or watch Reality shows so why not just carry on
    & accept the fact that this Misfortune will flourish until it burns out?




    Blonde chicks are the epitome of the word SLUT.Da black dudes like em sum of dem 200 lb white chicks,,it raises the black male self esteem and the self esteem of the obese white girl as well---its a win win


    Of course she wants a change! This family has become irrelevant. Kim Trash is desperate for attention. Same old trash with money.



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