Jonathan Ferrell, Unarmed Former College Football Player, Shot to Death By Police Officer

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An unarmed man seeking help after a car crash over the weekend was shot 10 times by the Charlotte police officer who's now charged in his death.

Officer Randall Kerrick fired 12 times at 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell early Saturday while responding to a breaking and entering call, reports say.

Ten of the bullets hit the former Florida A&M University football player. Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter and will appear in court Tuesday.

At a news conference, family members said that Ferrell had moved to North Carolina to be with his fiancee about a year ago and was working two jobs.

They said he was likely unfamiliar with the area he was driving when he crashed early Saturday. Ferrell's mother said she was praying for Kerrick.

"I truly forgive him. I pray for him. And I pray that he gets off the police force," Georgia Ferrell said. "You took a piece of my heart that I can never get back."

Police determined the shooting was excessive and charged Kerrick.

A police statement Saturday said the investigation showed that "Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter."

The deadly encounter unfolded after police said the car Ferrell was driving crashed into trees off a northeast Charlotte road early Saturday morning.

Police Chief Rodney Monroe said after the fact that the wreck was so severe that Ferrell would have had to climb out of the back window to escape.

Jonathan Ferrell apparently walked about a half-mile to the nearest house and was "banging on the door viciously" to attract attention, Monroe said.

Thinking it was her husband coming home late from work, the woman who lives there opened the door. When she saw Ferrell, she shut it and called police.

Monroe said he didn't think the unarmed Ferrell made threats or tried to rob the woman, but officers responded to the breaking and entering call.

They found Ferrell nearby. He ran toward the officers, who tried to stop him with a Taser. Police said he continued to run toward them when Kerrick fired.

He hit Ferrell 10 times. Ferrell died at the scene.

An attorney for Ferrell's family, Chris Chestnut, applauded police for charging Kerrick and condemning the "shoot first and ask questions later" actions.

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You are all sick, how the hell do you all come to that conclusion....America is sick with racist an racism. "An unarmed man seeking help after a car crash over the weekend was shot 10 times by the Charlotte police officer who's now charged in his death. - See more at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip...."


Yes- before it's over "Race" will absorb this tragedy. Just like many out there let the Martin shooting get absorbed by race. The minute someone injects race then it's list it's credentials, This "Unarmed" theory is bullshit. If a cop holding a gun and a big guy is coming towards him then it's a fair fight. Nobody is going to put themselves at risk and let another get an upper hand. How many more must get shot before people realize " There's a man with a gun over there.. Telling me I got to beware".


a shame that a good cop will have to do jail time for doing his JOB.


this is a non-news story. not a racist story. the guy was banging on the door of scared neighbors who called the police. when they arrived, this crazy black guy starts running at them, so they shot. a pure accident. however, since the cop was white, he will have to do jail time because Jesse, Al, and the NAACP will not shut up. a shame that a good cop will have to do jail time for doing his time. so pathetic.


Why did he run at the police if he was innocent?


Hang this fool by his nuts