Girl Gets Dumped Via Text, DESTROYS Guy in Response, Posts on Blog

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Quin Woodward Pu's response to being dumped via text message illustrates why dumping someone via text message is probably never a good idea.

If a guy texting his mistress to break up but actually sending the offending message to his wife wasn't crazy enough for you, you've got to read this:

Quinn Text

Pu is the author two memoirs about becoming a writer, PR worker and girl-about-town in Washington, D.C. instead of attending medical school.

As such, she has a personal blog ... which she used to RUIN a guy she met in a bar, went on a few dates with and was soon dumped by over text.

The text above is what Pu (pictured) got right before her birthday. She was turning 26, she writes on her blog. She'd been out with the guy twice.

Pu, at first, was "stunned into paralysis" by the breakup text, and "had no words."

Then she decided to let the dude have it with this epic response:

Quinn Response

She then took to her blog to blast the infamous text and her reply.

In it, she denies the idea that "as a 25 year old with two published books and a condo" she even wanted a relationship with this man in the first place.

And, adding injury to indignity, she says she forwarded "taxpayer-funded sexts from your agency blackberry" to the government employee's manager.

Pu has received some negative feedback for bragging about her condo, but she tells HuffPost it's symbolic of not needing a man (or "some rando").

"I wanted him to see that I am a self-sufficient person," she says.

"I did NOT have a sexual relationship with this person. I went on two dates. I call that getting to know someone. This is why the 'dumping' infuriated me so much."

Basically, she wasn't upset about being broken up with, per se. Just that he was "presumptuous" enough to think she could be broken up with, via text to boot.

But all is not lost for Pu, whose book sales are up by "1600 percent."

What do you think? Good for her? Total overreaction? Discuss!


There is no reason to try and ruin someones reputation after a breakup. Thats a cold thing to do. He was nice about it. A text wasn't inappropriate since they weren't serious as she stated. double standard big time


Right on girlfriend!!!You said everything I was thinking, and like you I've been married for many years...


Sounds like this guy dodged a bullet. That woman sounds psycho.


Love it!!!


This women is insane and acted like a young teenager out for revenge.She clearly was upset. She must have actually liked him to have such a childish response.If they were just in the "getting to know you stage." Why send things to his work, why care enough to go out of your way and waste time trying to destroy someones career. Can you image if they were actually dating and he broke up with her!

@ ashley

She was reacting to the guy's lack of class. I would have done so too. Keep it classy!!!


A complete total OVERREACTION.... All to sell her books -_- even worse, she's Asian! You know there's a community of middle aged asian women wanting to hear the next gossip! Also, if she really is this "published author/condo living/Asian why did she go out with this man in the first place?? Sounds like a conspiracy to sell books to me!


Actually what he did was kinda mean. It's her birthday right? Couldn't he wait just a few more hours to do that? He dumps her on her way to her own birthday bash? I think after the 2 dates he realized " I can't just bend this one over and f***k her, she wants something real". Obviously this guy was probably just not feeling the vibe on her success and maybe wanted someone a bit less out there in the public eye. Why he didn't want her isn't the problem it's how he did it. Look at her talking about a gown for a special bday night and he had to wreck that high note like that? Still her book sales are up and I'm pretty sure someone out there will be more than happy to snatch her up. Success does make some men feel small.

@ Janet

I agree!
In an interview she says that she wasn't really interested, and that he was making a lot of sexual advances that she didn't ask for or reciprocate. They were not dating exclusively, and she wasn't his to dump. Besides, she was just saying the forwarding messages thing to make him nervous. She didn't actually do it, or mention who the guy is. He was a downer on her birthday, so what if she played a mean joke on him and wrote about it. She's a writer, that's her outlet. And it's funny as hell so who cares.


I don't think he was inappropriate at all and for her to go on and on like that makes her appear immature. Still, if her book sales are up maybe it was worth it.




So what was he supposed to say? I thought he was to the point and not offensive in the least. Why is this woman so bitter that she responds by trying to destroy him?

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