The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Snow Bunnies

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The ladies hit the slopes tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Things heat up between Gretchen and Heather as more than just snowballs are thrown between them. 

Was this all part of Vicki's evil plan?

We'll find out now in our THG +/- recap!

Snow Angels Hit The Slopes

Lydia has a makeup artist come over to help her, uh, get dressed for the day. Minus 12.

She's taking all the girls to Canada to celebrate her Canadian-ness. Alexis brings her a Swarovski-covered Bible to take to Canada to protect her against the drama from the other ladies. 

Oh--charity event. That's why the makeup artist is there. 

Tamra and Heather are shopping again and maybe Tamra didn't pick the right dress. Tamra doesn't like the cold. But she's going to Canada anyway.

Heather can only stay in Whistler for a short time because she has to get back to the Malibu Country set, but if she can go and support Lydia, she's happy to do it. And maybe test Terry's yes-man resolve in the process, right? Plus 4.

Tamra and Heather discuss Lauri's loose lips and how she told Gretchen that Vicki had a threesome. Which Gretchen proceeded to tell both Tamra and Heather on separate occasions. Minus 9.

Tamra thinks she should tell Vicki what's being said, but Heather thinks it's none of their business and they should just keep quiet. Yes, please listen to Heather.

Gretchen is getting ready to start packing for their trip to Whistler. "Cold" for Orange County is about 60 degrees, and Gretchen seems to have a fur for every single degree. How will she ever decide which to take? Minus 9.

Alexis is packing and in addition to her ridiculous fur hat, she has a ring on her ski glove so the women won't make fun of her ring anymore. Plus 12

Gretchen found a 1980s-esque ski suit that makes her look like a buttoned up Charlie's Angel. Plus 10 for loving life. 

Vicki's bringing the fun bus to Whistler just like she did to Mexico. And backless shirts. For below 0 temperatures. Minus 3.

Alexis Bellino Fur Hat
Gretchen Dresses Up For Skiing

Lauri's ready for the trip to Whistler. She grew up in the snow and scoffs at the other women wearing their Christian Louboutins. 

Heather's going to be in Whistler for 6 hours. And then she's headed to the set of her new show. Oh, Heather.

Lydia's excited that she planned this trip because this way she knows there won't be any giant penises or strippers. But Vicki brought a fun bus, so there's no telling what's in her bag. 

In the bus on the ride to Whistler, Heather tells the girls that she's not staying very long. She calls Gretchen out on the Malibu Country thing and then Alexis says they called her publicist, too. It's Fox Five: Redux. Minus 10

Heather's not buying that either of them got a phone call and to be honest, isn't making herself look great.

Finally, the girls are at their resort. They head to their rooms to freshen up before going to Lydia's room to meet her uncle. She wants to protect him from the girls. Which is smart. Plus 4.

While Vicki and Lauri laugh together, Tamra fumes about what she knows. Seethes, even. Should she tell Vicki or should she not tell Vicki? That is her question. Minus 13. 

Gretchen asks Uncle Greg if he knows a lot about Canada. The women start laughing. Because that's a dumb question. Dumb and hilarious.

Poor Gretch. It came from a good place, right?

Gretchen Rossi Insults Canadians

The girls start introducing Uncle Greg and Vicki and it's incredibly awkward. This will likely drive Vicki to drink more and make an ass of herself. We hope.

Whew. Uncle Greg has a girlfriend. And with that information the room falls into an awkward silence that Heather breaks by announcing her departure. 

It's time to ski!

The girls meet their ski instructor and get fitted for boots and skis and Lydia's "not a nerd." She doesn't ski. She snowboards. Ugh. Pretentious. Minus 9.

Vicki tells Gretchen that she looks like a Q-tip and then makes fun of Gretchen's outfit. Lighten up, Vicki. Minus 2.

In the ski lift to the top of the mountain, Lydia says she's so proud of everyone for getting along. Which means everyone's about to get along no longer. 

In the other ski lift, Lauri asks Gretchen if she's talked to Vicki yet. Gretchen drops the threesome tidbit in front of Alexis and then Lauri begins to recant her story. She never said threesome. Just that Vicki was with another woman and a man. Basically, this is Lauri's way of putting this all on Gretchen. Minus 39.

This should be fun. 

Before it can all fall to pieces at the top of the hill, they have to take selfies in the ski lift. Of course.

Selfies in the Ski Lift

Neither Alexis nor Tamra believe Vicki capable of having had a threesome. Gretchen believes it's possible because Gretchen wants to believe it's possible.

Lydia says that no one skis anymore and wants to know what generation the other women were born in. Well, Lydia, at least three of them probably weren't born in yours, so there's that. 

Vicki and Tamra head to a bigger hill to ski together and after having some fun, Tamra tells Vicki what she's heard from Lauri and Gretchen. Vicki's ready to throw down with Lauri. Plus 4.

Vicki asks Gretchen about the things Lauri said and eventually admits to being unfaithful to Donn. Plus 5 for honesty. 

She, however, refuses to admit that there's even the slightest possibility that Gretchen never cheated on Jeff, despite Gretchen's continued insistence that she didn't cheat. Then Vicki throws Tamra under the bus, too. 

Where's Lydia to mediate this conversation into a peaceful kumbaya?

Oh, right. Snowboarding. Plus 8.

Alexis skis over and wonders why the women can't just take care of their conversations in private. Vicki says she has no desire to talk to someone who starts rumors but if she wanted to, she could let the skeletons out of Lauri's closet.

While Vicki starts to shout at Lauri and Lauri calmly defends herself, Lydia goes snowboarding right on by.

Where's Lydia's mother with her peace-bringing ways?

Vicki Gunvalson Shouting On The Slopes

Vicki uninvites Lauri to dinner even though this is Lydia's trip. Alexis, Lydia, and Tamra make snow angels (and boobs) to cope. Plus 2.

Vicki leaves and Lauri and Gretchen are left standing. Lauri asserts that she never said that Vicki was having an actual threesome. Gretchen says that's what it felt like Lauri was implying.

Point to Gretchen here because that's definitely what it seemed like Lauri was implying until just now when she's being called on her tale-toting ways. 

Tamra thinks Gretchen and Lauri should both leave. Lydia blames Gretchen for starting drama on the trip. 

Really, Lydia? This group of women on a trip. What did you expect?



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OMG, Ryan, what a monster, ticking time bomd. He was out of ace and out of line. Brianna your hosband is a mess, stop defending him.
Looks like he controls you too. Ryan needs needs to get his own place.

Sandra maresca

Get the Pig Nose off the show. She's a shit started. She thinks she above everyone else. She talks about everyone behind their backs because she's jealous. She can't even get a homeless man without teeth because she's not really a nice person. Go home and be a g/mom


only one i like is gretchen.! take the whole show off the air.

Sandra maresca
@ linda

I also. She's the only real one. All the others especially Heather got on the show and now thinks her shit doesn't stint. Tamera thinks she's #1bitch and the only one who's the best and original is Gretchen. You go girl!


cant stand vicky, or tamra. well cant stand lydia either. but mostly vicky and tamra. bitches. dont watch them anymore.


I swear Gretchen says some of the dumbest things, is she really that stupid? Of course Greg knows about Canada he is from Canada. They walk into the hotel lobby and she thinks that was a canoe?? She is a dumb blond for sure....

@ Cathy

I have to take exception to the "dumb question" remark. I'm assuming you are from the U.S. Do you know "everything" about the U.S.? Can you name all the states, all the capitals of the states, all the landmarks, all the great vacation spots, the......well, you get the idea. There are lots of people with more knowledge than I have about the states, so reallly not such a "dumb question". None of these women are Einsteins', or even close.


Vicki is a self centered, self important, shrieking gorgon. Mentor? Not hardly. Tamra wants to act slutty and have someone to blame it on ("shallow" Vicki). And loyal? Only when it suits her. Gretchen has actuallly shown some character growth, I guess you'd say. Still a "material girl" and a lot of airhead. She's hitting back at all the crap that has been thrown at her. Alexis just plays the poor me card all the time. Still shallow and pretentious. Heather still thinks she's way and above everyone, but is probably the smartest one of the bunch. Can be a crabby bitch, though. And Lydia. Lydia likes to be the sweet, lovable, Christian, little girl. Oops, saw the show in Mexico. The halo slipped a bit. Likes to put people in their place when SHE likes, but turns into a Vicki mini me when called out for her crap. (Ah, now I know why she likes Vicki so much. They are always right, never wrong and don't ever call them out on it.). Oh yeah, and Vicki is still a hypocrite!


I think Lauri is A TROUBLE ---MAKER . I dislike people with MALICIOUS INTENTIONS. She tries to behave like a sheep in wolves clothing .Obviously she wants to destroy VICKI . It is time enough that grown women begin to behave as such .Come on ladies show some class .
I like Lydia .I think she has CLASS inspite of the fact that her mum was a pot-head ? I like her mum too .She is HIARIOUS .

@ Gertrude+Boston

midwest girl.!! i so agree with you.! they make me sick. lyia i cant stand. the sweet christian girl, and heather bitches at her husband over nothing.! and tamra is one slut. vicky the hyprocite.. tamra goes from one friend to another. and vicky i hate her, i shouldnt use hate. cant stand the slut.! her and tamra deserve each other.


So glad these back stabbing bitches aren't my friends. What a group!
Lauri's trash should have been kept to herself. Looks to me like she is out to destroy Vicki for some reason. Her daughter's friend is a stripper/porn star who is hanging out with Brooks? Well, that doesn't say much for her daughter now does it? And knowing these broads, just telling one about a 3 some, would spread like wild fire....All of them, including stupid Lydia and the Alien Heather just love this crap. Gretchen better get herself pregnant really fast and get off this show - she is a can see the jealousy withing her now coming out because she is still not married and Tarmra is marrying Bug Eyes. Gretchen wearing her old engagement ring when they go out looking for gowns and having to leave early, etc. What a loser she is....

@ critic

i have to agree with you. they act like morons. time to grow up. cant stand them.!


This was SO predictable. Lauri didn't want to come right out and say Vicki had a threesome - since she knows it isn't true - but wanted to stir things up in an attempt to make herself relevant to the show. So Lauri did the next best thing: she told Gretchen what she saw, scrupulously denying actual knowledge that the 3 people she "walked in on" were having a threesome. But dufus Gretchen falls for the ploy and then blabs it to everyone that Lauri told her Vicki had a threesome. It's what Lauri intended all along - for Gretchen to be the cause of the big sh*t storm that resulted and for Lauri to be able to truthfully say "I never said that". Right - she got Gretchen the stooge to do it for her.

@ buttonhead

I am so disappinted in all of the girls. They went north of their border and had no clue as to where they went. Canada is not Alaska! We have 39 degree celcius summers - that would melt all their plastic work away!, and yes some of the best skiing in N. America..Yes the drama sells - lol I am watching..but Canadian girls have fun too!


I missed the show last night, so glad I did. Vicki really has to leave the show, Tamra is a mean girl, Alexis is just plain stupid, Heather is too good for this, Gretchen is a sweetheart and Lydia should go back to Canada. Please take your pot smoking momma with you.

@ jacasa

vicky thinks she is the only one that can scream at the women. they should hit her in the piggy face.! i agree buttonhead.

@ jacasa

I wouldn`t be too quick in assessing Heather as being `too good for this`.``.She`s got her sneaky moves also and she treats her husband like an idiot. Gretchen is NO SWEETHEART BUT I`m still not sure of Lydia.I really don`t see the problem is with her mom. So she`s a toker. SO WHAT!! Not everyone likes to suck back wine or whiskey. I bet you do! I think her mom is cool.

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