Tamra Barney: I Attempted Suicide Twice

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As Real Housewives of Orange County viewers are aware of, Tamra Barney attempted suicide many years ago.

She revealed on an episode of that Bravo hit that she combined pills with a bottle of NyQuill at the age of 21, during a painful divorce from then-husband Darren Vieth.

But Barney opens up even more in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly and says she's actually attempted to take her own life on two occasions.

Tamra Barney Up Close

"I felt hopeless,” says Tamra. “I felt like suicide was my only option.”

The second attempt came four years after her first, and it followed a similar disturbing pattern.

"It was exactly the same situation,” Barney tells the tabloid. “I was in another bad relationship. So I took a large amount of prescription painkillers.”

But Tamra survived, of course, and took antidepressants for the next decade or so. Still, she describes herself as "miserable" during her 11-year marriage to Simon Barney, adding that she had intestinal issues as a result of stress and sadness.

With a grandmother diagnosed as schizophrenic, Tamra also has a family history of mental health problems.

Fortunately - like Demi Lovato, who also said this week that she attempted suicide at a young age - Barney has turned her life around. And she has hew new husband to thank for that.

"My life with Eddie is wonderful," she says. "He's an amazing man. I'm so thankful that I've finally found my happiness."

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