Jenelle Evans Drug Charges May Be Dismissed; Courtland Rogers Released From Jail

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court on charges of cyberstalking (against ex Gary Head) and assault and heroin possession (on/with Courtland Rogers).

In a rare piece of good news for the troubled reality star, the cyberstalking charge was dismissed - and the other two charges may soon be too.

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Yes, she could be off the hook even after admitting on MTV that she was a heroin addict? Attorney Dustin Sullivan says he "doesn't foresee" a return to court.

A big reason for that? Courtland Rogers, who appeared in the same courthouse just one day before, copped a plea and is going to be released.

“Courtland has worked out a plea deal and he’s going to get out of jail in the next day or so,” a source said. “He was basically given time served."

"He pleaded guilty to his charges and now he’s going to get out.”

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are still legally married, but she's moving in with Nathan Griffith, and says she plans to divorce Rogers ASAP.

The couple was arrested on April 23 after police were called to their house (actually his parents') and found 12 bindles of heroin in their possession.

Evans claimed from the start that the drugs belonged to her estranged spouse, and with Courtland's plea, she may have grounds for dismissal.

Jenelle’s court date was pushed back until August 12, where she must appear again for both the heroin and assault charges if they aren't tossed.

Sounds like there's a good chance they will be, though.

“My lifeeeeee is soooooo greaaaaat! PERFECTO!” the Carolina hurricane bragged on Twitter after the hearing yesterday, for what that's worth.

Danielle Cunningham is not going to be impressed.


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I feel like some of the lame charges against Jenelle (like cyberstalking Gary Head) are vindictive and should be dropped. However, how does she continue to keep getting off drug charges? She needs to go to jail or go to rehab. If she keeps getting off, she will keep doing drugs. She needs help...


Geez - ppl go to prison for YEARS for these types of convictions yet she gets off bc she's ... a "teen" mom that is too screwed up in drugs to care for the child?!
Lock her up & throw away the keys!


No Doubt! If there is anyone that could use a break it's this little "MISS" understood train wreck!

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