Desiree Hartsock Reflects on Men Telling All, Previews "Emotional" Finale

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It's not every day you have all your ex-boyfriends in one room ready to put you on the spot, but that's part of the job for Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock.

With the season finale looming on August 5 (see The Bachelorette spoilers for the latest scoop), Des looks back on a wild summer and looks ahead.

Here's what she writes about her experiences with the Men Tell All special:


"I was anxious, nervous and excited," the brunette blogs. "It was an emotional journey and I have nothing but fond memories ... of most of them.

"Walking out on that stage brought mixed emotions. Seeing Zak W., Juan Pablo, and Michael, I wanted to run over and hug them," Desiree adds.

"Seeing James and Ben, I wanted to turn and run."

"Although that first night I was intrigued by Ben, my opinion began to change when I started having an intuitive, cautious feeling about his intentions."

"I also had concerns about his sincerity even before the guys approached me about him, so it was interesting to see his true colors when he went home."

"I wanted to see if he learned anything about himself, but, unfortunately, he is the same man today as he was on the show. He wears a face of trickery."

"As for the one man who needed the most redemption, Brian had the audacity to come on the show with a girlfriend, but couldn't even face his faults."

"There were a few guys I was really happy to see. Juan Pablo is such a great guy. He embodies many attractive qualities and not just his incredible good looks."

"I wish I could have explored that relationship more, but I didn't want to involve his daughter when I already knew that we didn't have a future."

"It was also great to see Michael smiling and happy, because I know that goodbye was a harder one for us both. Seeing Zak W. was the highlight of my night."

"He lights up an entire room with his energy and smile, so I was hoping to see that come alive after an incredibly emotional goodbye."

"I adored his family and have always adored his outlook on life, but there was just something missing. It was difficult to face him, because we were both at a loss of words."

"Next week, tune in for one of the most emotional episodes ever - which is a really weird thing to write, because it is my life we are talking about here!"

"It will be a defining moment for me in my journey to find love."

Who do you think Desiree Hartsock should pick?


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