Charlie Sheen to Brooke Mueller: You Get SQUAT (and Thank Jon Cryer)!

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Charlie Sheen is serious about paying Brooke Mueller zero child support if at all possible, and is evoking the name of a longtime co-star to boost his case.

Before the Drama

The actor filed legal documents requesting the massive change in child support - $55,000 to $0 - because Brooke doesn't even have custody of their boys.

While she's in and out of rehab, Bob and Max are living with Sheen's other ex-wife, Denise Richards, who's already getting support from him.

In court papers, Charlie references Jon Cryer's divorce, in which his ex-wife was arrested in '09 for alleged child abuse and temporarily lost custody.

Charlie claims Cryer requested his support payments be reduced from $10,000 per month to zero, and the court granted that request, setting a precedent.

Sheen also reveals that he earns more than $740,000 a month (before taxes), more than enough to cover $90,000 a month in expenses on all his homes.

Also, Charlie says he foots the bill for ALL the kids' expenses - therapy, medical, schooling, and more - on top of that $55,000, and will continue to do so.

His point? I take care of the kids anyway, and Brooke Mueller clearly isn't using that $55,000 a month to do so, as she doesn't care for them anyway.

A judge has yet to rule.

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agree, charlie is winning again, folks!!


When I was 16 a friends dad told us not to sleep with anyone we wouldn't marry. He was 6'6" and 275 of pure muscle: it got our attention. However Charlie married her. I guess it should be don't sleep with someone who you don't know / is pure BAT GUANO. However Charlie is usually Bat Shit Crazy half the time anyway.


Charlie has had his crazy days and is probably still slightly crazy but he seems like he's doing the best he can for his children and trying to make the best out of a not-so-great situation. $55,000 per month is FAR more than is needed to care for two children anyway and for some, excess money just causes trouble. It seems like that's the case for Brooke. I'm glad Charlie has Denise to help out and his other support systems. Good to see them coming together for the children while Brooke hopefully gets the help she needs to stay clean.

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