Activist Groups to Capital One: Fire Alec Baldwin!

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He's apologized. He's quit Twitter. And he swears he's learned from his mistakes.

But many straight and gay activists believe Alex Baldwin deserves further punishment after going on a rampage against George Stark, one that referred to the journalist as a "queen" and included other homophobic remarks.

Specifically, many believe Baldwin should be fired as Capital One spokesman.

Alec Baldwin Capital One Ad

“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets,” Jimmy LaSalvia, gay conservative strategist and GOProud co-founder, told

Baldwin has admitted his attack was "ill-advised" and said it had "absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone’s sexual orientation."

But John Hawkins - who works with LaSalvia at - says actual added is needed.

“It’s still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it’s hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman,” Hawkins also told “If Capital One is not going to do the right thing, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”

The company is yet to respond to contact from Fox News, but what do you think: Should Baldwin be fired from his Capital One gig?


1st of all .. Baldwin is a Liberal who does nothing but talk trash! He is one of yours. He bashes conservatives and as most arrogant egotistical liberals he will go rogue at times. The double standards you people have shown towards Paula Deen, Romney, Sarah P, Clint Eastwood and so many others makes what you have to say about anything irrelevant. Baldwin is one of yours just like Sean Penn and Samuel L Jackson and the only reason you bitch now is because he has touched a nerve on your sacred gay stance! You deserve each other so call it what it is!


Really .. do you people have nothing better in life to do???? Ok so he bashed someone on none of u ever made a "remark" or "comment" about another nationality, religion, person, color etc....and don't be a hypercite and unless you are perfect...grow up and get over sick of this bullshit over nothing important....eeewweee someone called me a name.....WHO CARES!!!!


leave alec baldwin alone you all need to stop with the hate we as americans need to worry about russia and china!!!! :-(

Kimberley luoto

I don't understand......this guy is an attention whore. Not much talent either. But he runs his mouth and gets away with it. Why??


If Paula Deen has been dropped by everyone she's had a contract with because she used the "N" word....why does Alec Baldwin get a free pass? Does double standard ring a bell? He's no angel and I wouldn't doubt she isn't either, but it's either one way or the other. Punish both or don't punish either one.


99% of the American people say "NO" to the gays !!! period.

@ El Rudo

to s.abaka - you are wrong! 99% of American people DON'T say NO to gays. It's just the opposite as is being proved by recent laws being passed so they can marry and have the same rights as everyone else. Get a life and let people live their lives without you judging them.


He is right! Americans don't give a damn about gays in acceptance to that lifestyle.. The media speaks as if they represent the popular opinion but they don't. Laws protect because there is pressure. Companies engage because of the laws. Not many hate gays but many do not wont that lifestyle around them. It's a fact. It's odd & mostly unwelcome unless your in a city,

Kimberley luoto
@ El Rudo

I'm saying "NO" to you........PERIOD. PS: Please note pic.


STFU ... He apologized. end of story. You gay Nazi's make me sick.


What happened to this being a country that allowed freedom of speech? So what Baldwin said was rude and insensitive. So he is biased, so he is prejudiced. So what? He is allowed to be. Why should he be fired because of his beliefs? People can still be good people in spite of some skewed ideas and beliefs. Some of those who complain about his homophobia should look at their own lives and see where they have their own prejudices as well. Leave the man alone.

Kimberley luoto
@ darlene

Seems the issue is WHO the person is. Not what they say.


Were is activists for the white people, you don't hear if people getting fired for calling us crackers, honkies or any other names . So why is it that they sing songs with the "N" word or "fag" in them go after all the singers as well oh wait they are black so they can call each other that and there is no problem don't let a white person say it or you get fired for being a " raceiest" what a sad countey we live in... ..


I guess my question is when Alex did what he did, was it his personal option or was he representing Capital One and speaking on their behalf. If it was his personnal option then it has no bearing on him and his affilation with Capital One, if he was speaking on behalf of Capital One then again It's Capital One that is wrong and why fire him if he is representing you and speaking on your behalf. This world is full of morons, it's all about "you hurt my feelings so i'm going to hurt you by getting you fired". remember you don't want to hear his beliefs just like we don't what to hear yours...

@ John

First of all, it's Alec. Second of all it's 'opinion' not option.
And it doesn't have anything to do with whether he was saying it as himself or on behalf of Cap 1 (an evil enough big bank anyway) because he's their spokesperson and what you say outside of work reflects on you at work when you're in the public eye.
Every company working with Paula Deen has dropped her because she truthfully admitted to saying the "n-word" ONCE (so she claims, for now) in her past. But Cap 1 hasn't done a thing about Baldwin despite this recent tirade and gay slur OR the one he made a few months ago when he called a paparazzo a "crack addict" and a "c00n."

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