Pink, Long Hair Turn Heads: Is That You?!

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Pink has debuted a new hairstyle that is very ... un-Pink.

Channeling her inner Amber Rose, the singer, whose trademark pixie cut dates back a decade, rocked long hair while enjoying a day out with the family:

Pink, Long Hair

There was still an edge to the new look, have no fear. Pink shavd half her head a la Ciara and the trend which is currently taking over Hollywood.

She also kept one strand of her luscious locks pink.

Why'd she do it? She Tweets: "Officially decided that June is crazy hair month. If there's something you have been wanting to do - go for it! No Fear! Crazy hair is fun."

Works for us. What do you think of Pink's long hair?


are you talking about the same pink here? her attitude sucks? she's one of the most down to earth, honest, tells it like it is artists there is! she cares about her fans, her music and being true to herself. she's been a great role model for young women and empowering themselves, she laughs off shit others throw at her and she works hard to keep herself and her music fresh and honest. i don't know where you're getting your info about her having a bad attitude but you might want to rethink it. there's a reason she's been around and on top for so long!


I want that Prada purse


It doesn't matter her attitude sucks, and she's not that pretty either way. Sorry but truth

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