Mom Fights Back Against Carjacker, Puts Assailant in the Hospital

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Dorothy Baker told the man who carjacked her that he "messed with the wrong witch."

If he's even conscious in the hospital right now, he'd likely agree with that comment.

With her two kids in the car, Baker daringly fought off the carjacker, punching him in the face and crashing into a pole in an attempt to throw him out.

The Texas mother engaged in terrifying fight behind the wheel of her car that ended with Ismael Martinez, 54, being thrown out, run over and hospitalized.

"I told him he messed with the wrong witch," Baker told ABC after he sneaked into the back of her parked, unlocked minivan while she was at CVS.

Allegedly holding a knife to her oldest son, she says he demanded that she drive him to the nearest ATM. Little did Martinez know what he was in for.

"He popped up out of the backseat and said that if I didn't want my kids to get hurt, that I would do exactly what he said," Baker emotionally recalled.

"I took my fist and I hit him in the face. I told him to get out of my car."

Then she drove her vehicle into a pole, hoping to send him through the windshield and/or injure him. Failing that, she tried to throw him out - while calling 911.

When Martinez finally jumped out of her car, hoping to escape on foot, he had yet to see the end of her rage - she took him down WITH THE VAN.

"I didn't mean to run him over," Dorothy Baker says misty eyed.

"I was just trying to stop him so he didn't hurt anybody else."

Martinez was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston with serious injuries. He's expected to face felony charges, adding to prior rape and burglary convictions.


I would have ran him over...put it in reverse..crushed his skull...and repeated about 50 times. That shitbag should die.


Given that he has priors for rape, no telling what might have happened if she hadn't gone nuts on him. Good for her! You get what you deserve when you attempt to carjack a woman and put a knife to her kid's throat.


This lady is awesome! Women are like a lioness protecting their cubs with our children. Do not mess with them.. we will hurt you and not think twice about it. Way to go lady


Never mess with momma Bear's babies! He's lucky to have made it out alive. I would hate to ever kill someone, but you'd better believe if they were threatening my babies, their days would be numbered! Way to go lady! I'm proud of you!


............Women Make Sense.


Word of Advice: Never ever MESS with TEXAN! Ever Threaten the life of one of our loved ones, and this is exactly what you'll get....DEATH! ;)