Lil Wayne Stomps on American Flag For "God Bless Amerika" Music Video Shoot

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Lil Wayne stomped on an American flag over the weekend.

He's filming a music video for "God Bless Amerika" in his hometown of New Orleans, and it all started off harmlessly enough, with Weezy rapping in front of the flag.

Old Glory is then released to the ground - already a big no-no, as we learned on Flag Day - at which point Wayne continues to rap, while stomping on it.

Check out the footage from Wayne's video shoot below:

The lyrics, believe it or not, are just as controversial, which isn't shocking from a man who infamously rapped about beating up a p---y like Emmett Till.

"My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This ole' godless Amerika," raps the lightning rod that is Tunechi.

It's his constitutional right to do this, of course ... but that doesn't mean people will line up to defend him. We're anticipating quite the opposite in fact.

What's your take on the situation?


HEY Lilswags!! What the f are you 'trying' to say? Speak english. If you want to post on a website LEARN HOW TO SPELL.!!!


F*ck y'all. . . Lil wayne z jst doween iz Thing? WHY HATE?? Jst bcos he steppd on America's flag. . . What of Jayz and Kanye who talk shit about the creator of The universe[GOD] . . . Damn u people 're jst blind to the Fact


this shows how little respect these punks have for the men and women who gave their lives for what this flag represents. this trashy person will never be on my radio, tv or anywhere his so-called music is playing. if he don't have respect for America or our flag, he shouldn't call himself an American if he even does. in my book, he is no american

@ Lora Adkins

idris the new american boy his coming new ats of hip hop


He didn't see it? That's his excuse? His head was bobbling down the whole time. How do you not see it? His vision must have been blurred toking to much. What a waste, not to mention. You suck!!! Better talent out there will be stepping up pushing you back to the gutter where you came from. Just saying.


Shy u n Lil wayne a disgrace 2 b called black using anykind of excuse 2 b stupid u don't have 2 stay n America go where u don't have freedom. U r probably one on those so kind walking around with your A hanging out all the men n women who lost their lives,limbs and mine so we here could have freedom. Y R U still here if u hate America


Back to Africa is too good. All Americans that follow this kind of way disrespect should be deported. It is is a known fact not to disrespected the American Flag.


I see little Wayne has forgotten all that his teachers taught him. He needs to be sent to a Afghanistan for his punishment. And all American who follow be sent out from
America to Afghanistan. A


go back to africa then idiot nobody likes ur music or ymcmb YOU SUCK!!!!


Little knows better. Just to disregard the America flag has always been criminal. His attitude following the flag must have been planned judging from the position of the audience. I am really ashamed he is making a point and using the American flag. Many, many young Americans have died for our country and our American flag. He should leave our country if he does not protect and honor our American flag. Little Wayne should leave our country


i so agree with you. jane fonda made a comback which was so wrong in so many ways. shame on the people who supported her. i was surprised she didn't have a gun and shoot our soldiers herself. anyway any one who violates our flag and country should go to jail for at least 90 days and no plea bargins. hard core jail. i may say bad things about our current government but i love our united states and would NEVER do anything to disrespect it. we must move forward in a very good way.

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