Kim Kardashian Baby: Already Smiling!!!!!!

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Leave it to Kaidence Donda West (if that's really the name of Kim Kardashian's baby) to make a dramatic entrance and throw the PR machine off guard!

While the rumored baby name - a tribute to Kanye West's late mother - is not official, of this there is no doubt: It was a dramatic, unexpected delivery!

Kim Kardashian Baby People Cover
Kim, Ye Picture

People's cover story looks chronicles "the emotional, harrowing night" Kim Kardashian and her beau spent at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

Admitted June 14 due to medical complications, Kim Kardashian gave birth about 35-37 weeks into her pregnancy (depending on who you believe).

Kanye West, meanwhile, rushed to her side.

By the next day, Kim had given birth to a girl, "the prettiest, tiniest thing with a full head of straight, dark hair, a cute little nose and Kim's lips," says a source.

"She's already smiling!"

The little one has been spending her first days in an incubator to regulate her body temperature, but this is standard treatment for premature babies.

Baby K, whose parents have decided on a name (though they have not confirmed the rumored one), is "doing very well," says a hospital source.

As for Kimye, who'd been dogged by rumors about their relationship (talking to you, Leyla Ghobadi) in recent months, the new parents are "over the moon."

With a beautiful child like this, how could they not be?

Kimye Baby Projection

Just kidding. That's not really her, THGers.

Congratulations again, Kim and Kanye, on the birth of your beautiful baby girl, whose photo we can't wait to see as soon as you receive the highest bid!


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Kim Kardashian Baby: Already Smiling!!!!!!
Now tell me it's not real!


okay so really I mean like who cares right? I knew this shit would be bigger than "WHO SHOT JR EWING. back 30 freakin years ago

@ stuck up

nice baby kim but what about ur ex bf


what a way to make more money. guess the baby's name is almost as funny as "whose the baby daddy"


My God!!! So many sadists we've got here, y d fuck do u read stories about dem if u claim to dislike dem,not to blame ya'll cos I can see how hunger, poverty*oops* is causing ya'll being paraniod

@ whitney

I second that! Couldn't have put it better!


she wasnt really a premee. just a couple weeks early. alot of babies are "premees" that u knoiw and they were born 2 months early and they are perfectly fine. :/ my aunt's ex husband's girlfriend had a baby 4 months early, and the baby was only in the incubator for a week. :/


Lucky baby smiling
all ready fabulous ,blessed
to have amazing parents.


That's Gas, Stupid!!!!


My heart goes out to this poor little baby. Born to these 2 morons. And to name the baby Kaidence....OMG What were they thinking....Then again morons can't think.

@ Desiree

i....i think Kaidence is a very nice name actually. :) :-----|


she isn't smiling she just saw her mom and dad!

@ panda0213

i...i think...Kaidence is a nice name.... :/

@ hailey

grrrrrr sorry wrong one


Babies can not smile that early and I do not care for the name. Poor baby, just born and already used to make more money for her mom.

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