Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Kaidence Donda West?

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to... Kaidence Donda West!

While Kim Kardashian is yet to speak on her daughter - and while the world's most publicity-hungry family has been oddly silent since Kim gave birth on Saturday - we're now hearing the Kimye baby has been christened with the aforementioned moniker.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in White
Kimye Baby Projection

The rumored middle name is after Kanye's late mother, who passed away in 2008 from plastic surgery complications.

The rumored first name, meanwhile, seems to make sense based on three factors:

  1. It has a connection to music.
  2. It is unusual.
  3. It begins with the letter K.

The family was reportedly taken by surprise when Kim went into labor five weeks early and is scrambling to determine the best way to monetize the new addition.

Hence the delay in details such as the child's dimensions and name.

But react now to this possibility by voting in our survey below ...

What do you think of the name Kaidence Donda West?

UPDATE, 6/21: It's North West!! For real!


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Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Kaidence Donda West?
Seems homemade to me
You are welcome)


hi hru midear nice pic


hope the child grows up to be a better person unlike her parents


Sounds like she should be a marching band. Is that the music tie in? Hope the child in good health.


This woman has gotten Way to much attention!
Having gotten "on the map" for leaking a sex tape with her boyfriend, all the other men dated her to see if she lived up to the tapes...they screwed her then ran. Kanye sang the song Golddigger but couldn't recognize Kim as one and now he has 18 years, 18 years to pay child-support. She had complications so they took the baby early...give me a break! Kim decided being pregnant wasn't any fun and getting fatter wasn't an option, so vanity took over and she took the C-section.
Now the Media, cause many of us don't give a s**t what they do, is looking for more to report...encouraging Kanye Marries the Golddigger so we can all watch and bet on how long it lasts!
Men used to can't make a hoe a wife! He marries this woman and he'll be paying her a lump sum to get rid of her as well as child support. Talk about a train wreck and a tragedy!! Give Us A Break!! Stop Giving Them 5 more minutes of fame!

@ Wanda



I think we should just call the babyGirl "Donda"! Nothing could make Kimmycakes happier! :)


I vote for Klamedia


I think that I would like these names for the first name instead: Kilaria, Kathryn, Katherine, Kenya, and K'Anne.


I think it's hilarious they say she gave birth give weeks early. she was 37 weeks... so it's technically 3 weeks early. and the point they are. sayin natural birth is a joke. in the same breath they say she was induced due to medical complications. what's the truth?


She WOULD give the baby his last name even though she's not married to him. She's one of those desperate women who will do anything the guy says in hopes he sticks around. Newsflash Kim, he ain't sticking around for long. Should have at least hyphenated it's YOUR baby too you stupid woman! God I hate pathetic women like this!

@ SoGalGal

well said....

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