Ed Hardy: Jon Gosselin Killed My Brand!

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Jon Gosselin's association with Ed Hardy shirts personally torpedoed the entire once-popular brand, says none other than Ed Hardy himself.

Call it the Midas touch, only the exact opposite.

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Shortly after splitting from Kate Gosselin in 2009, Jon became friends with Christian Audigier, who licensed Hardy’s art for shirts and other products.

Audigier even entertained Jon and then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman in St. Tropez on his yacht ... and that's when it all started to go downhill for Hardy.

Jon Gosselin was repeatedly spotted wearing Ed Hardy clothes, and that association was beyond toxic for the brand, Hardy told the New York Post.

“That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin,” Hardy said.

“That’s what tanked it. Macy’s used to have a huge window display with Ed Hardy, and it filtered down and that’s why Macy’s dropped the brand.”

Jon, a fan of the Ed Hardy brand who loved the stuff long before he was famous (or infamous), was even in talks for his own fashion line with Audigier.

There was even talk of Jon or Hailey scoring their own fashion line!

Jon’s repulsive powers were formidable, but Hardy, 68, puts equal if not more of the blame on Audigier, a "celebrity-obsessed" French businessman.

“Christian worships celebrities so much, he will get next to anyone ... if he could've gotten Charles Manson in a shirt, he would have,” Hardy said.

The whole Jon-killed-my-entire-brand allegation is one of many interesting highlights of Ed Hardy’s new memoir, Wear your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos.


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John you look amazing and your kids are gorgeous and Blessed to have a wonderful Dad!


Hey Ed hardy, youre bankrupt because your clothes are ugly, tacky and douchie. News flash, they were never cool, only loser like Ed hardy.


Ed Hardy's target audience is douchebags...and that's exactly who ended up wearing it.


That brand was stillborn! What is he talking about? It was the Douchelord uniform from the jump!


Gee... Apparently Christian Audigier needs a reality check - John Goesselin a celebrity? You would have to be pretty desparate or pretty stupid to believe John was going to do your marketing campaign for anything (other than maybe weed killer) any good!


this is exactly why we call these kind of people: AMERICAN ASSHOLES!!

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