Ray J on Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape: I've Let It Go!

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Is he happy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

Does he still deny "I Hit It First" is based on the Kim Kardashian sex tape?

And, come to think of it, does he still have a copy of that amateur adult video?!?

Ray J stopped by The Wendy Williams Show this week and answered all those personal questions and more, while also saying he's done dating celebrities and is all about "entertainment."

Sit back and watch Wendy gush over her hilarious guest now:


I've recently watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
Check it out here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (full version)

Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Have fun


If you haven't seen it yet, here's the full video here: http://www.madamnatur.com/kim-... Enjoy & Make sure to comment what you think :)


Ray j you should be ashamed of your self after realesing the video kim k became famous and ynu are no where to be found


Ray j looks Creepy and Nasty. Don't like him. He tried to rain on Kims parade. Ray j expects to have the same money from 6 years ago but he has done nothing to expand his brand like Kim open stores and make up lines. This Idiot thinks he was the reason the sex tape sold. The sex tape sold cuz of Kims beauty. If she would have made the sex tape by herself she would have had the same outcome.


at least he fucked her.



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