Megyn Kelly Slams Erick Erickson for Views on Women, Earning Power

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Megyn Kelly has joined her Fox News colleague in calling out two other Fox News colleagues.

Earlier this week, Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson reacted in horror to a Pew survey that reported how prominent a role female breadwinners are playing in the country these days.

Erickson argued that the results are "anti-science" and that the male ought to play the "dominant role" in a family... while "having moms as the primary breadwinner is bad for kids and bad for marriage."

Following Greta Van Susteren's Tweeting shock and outrage over such comments, Megyn Kelly invited Dobbs and Erickson on her show today - and let them have it!

Safe to say the following exchange is a TKO, don't you think?

Where do you stand? Are an abundance of female breadwinners bad for the country?


The so-called 'women's movement' has ruined this country. Too many homes have no father because women had to prove they were equal to men.

@ Lostlostlost

The Womans movement made a lot of great strides but also made some mistakes. But in the very beginning woman and men were meant to be equal...No one sex greater than the other. So you are wrong for that. And you'd know better if you had a decent mother who was strong enough to show you that. And a father who understood that women are equal in every way to men. And if you don't get that, then you are fucking lost sweetheart. I feel bad for you....and any children you may have. Wife included!"


@EricaChristina, I couldn't agree with you more.


Don't watch Fox news all the men should live in caves and wear animal ski s


Every family has to do what's right for them but some men who have sexist ideals still don't like seeing independent women who can take care of their families and work. The men who still believe they are the dominant sex will always be shocked about and against any advancements women make in society. The amazing thing about women is that not only don't most of us care about the idiotic opinions of these types of men anymore, we can still juggle birth, raising kids, taking care of business at home, making an income and holding executive positions. Let the cave men be surprised and get left behind for the rise of a new generation. Real men will bask in their own success and not be threatened by the success of others

@ Ericachristina

I'm guessing it all depends on the definition of success. A large amount of black women are raising kids on their own. A HUGE amount of white women are letting her parents foot the bill. This is not about a woman making it on her own and making more money this is about a woman being the sole influence in child upbringing. To many are interested in " IS HE HOT- or IS HE GOOD IN BED or how much money does he have? What people need to look at is... Will he go the distance- will he work thru adversity! This is what you can't make a call on when your 16 or 19? The majority of single parents come from single parent families and of course the trend continues and who foots the bill? Taxpayer- IT'S A FACT!


Maybe the point is this!! Fact is more and more women are the sole supporter because they have no choice. Out of wedlock babies. Useless no child support paying daddies. Anytime you are taking the Mother out of the House and using her to play Daddy&Mommy there is a problem. To many males don't wont RESPONSIBILTY and to many stupid women only figure it out AFTER the damage has been done. In 20 years these one parent children will bear the fruit of not knowing how to commit to a damn thing. It's irresponsible and it's down right criminal to subject a child or a society to this lack of accountability. This in itself has a lot to do with this NANNY NATION we have become. Get off your God Damn Womens Lib Bullshit and look at the big picture. Must be 15 ways a woman can keep from getting pregnant and still they seem to pull it off! Family unit? Mom and Dad living under 1 roof? To much to ask?

@ Back 2 reality

Yes sometimes women choose the wrong types of men and men likewise may chose the wrong types of women for them.
Not all women stupidly just go out and get knocked up. Some actually fall in love, they are in committed relationships and then have kids. Sometimes later down the line people split up and the relationship fails, the woman is left caring for the kids because women are usually the best caregivers. It isn't the fault of all women that men don't take care of their kids, it is the mans! Some people really try to make it work. Some get married and then when the divorce dust settles some dads become non existent dead beats. People change through relationship, someone you thought had potential as a father may turn into a dead beat dad later on because he decides he doesn't want the responsibility of the relationship and the kids, but it is so easy to blame women for the shortcomings of men isn't it?
Most women can work and take care of their kids and if a man doesn't want the responsibility maybe he should have kept it in his pants. There are also a lot of ways for a man to ensure he doesn't impregnate a women, but some are so focused on sex they don't think. It takes two to have a baby the women can take birth control but it is still up to the man to ensure he is covered as well. Men can't expect to just go around having all the sex they want and not take ANY responsibility for a pregnancy.

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