Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction: Duchess Makes Like Marilyn Monroe

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Now seven months pregnant, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton might have expected all eyes to be on her sizeable and adorable baby bump.

Typically they are ... but typically, she doesn't pull a Marilyn.

At the wedding of friends a week or so ago, the windy weather abruptly lifted up her cute polka-dot dress, drawing attention instead to other body parts.

Fortunately, Kate rolled with things in her typical graceful way.

Seemingly unaware that her skirt had blown up, revealing her shapely legs, she gripped her fascinator and not her dress, laughing as she did so.

Eventually, she realized what was amiss and held it down.

A High Street bargain, the Kate Middleton polka dot dress in question sold out within hours of her wearing it, but it may not get a third wearing.

Cute, yes. But a bit unsuitable for the gusty UK weather.


Oh tell the TRUTH. She lets this happen all the time. She's got a mental condition called "exhibitionism". Middleton could have weights put in the hems but chooses not to...now that is very telling isn't it ? Look for a site called kate middleton chat and you will see several more of her "episodes". The moron needs to be sent to a psychiatrist. Public indecency is not funny, especially for a so-called future "queen".


Nice legs, not gob infested lumps of cellulite like that gypsy interloper has.

@ abe

She's married to Prince William, and she's a no-class b*tch.

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