Jumper Kills 5-Year Old in South Korea

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Very sad news today out of South Korea:

A 39-year old man jumped to his death on Wednesday from the 11th floor of a building in the city of Busan.

He landed on a five-year old girl who was walking with by with her parents on the street below and ended up killing her, as authorities confirm she died hours later from brain damage.

South Korea Image

The identity of both the man and the toddler are being withheld, while no one knows the reason he committed suicide. There was no note left at the scene or anywhere else.

South Korea, however, has highest per capita rate of suicide in the world.


oh my god

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how awful,poor child


"Fasten Your Seatbelts" unfortunately didn't make any difference.


Why is this so 'not surprising'? South Koreans are the biggest jackasses on the planet. I LIVED THERE FOR 5 YEARS --- I SHOULD KNOW !!!!!!!
They can't even kill themselves without totally fucking things up and affecting/ruining someone else's life. I feel terrible for this little girl's family and I haven't a shred of sympathy for this Supreme Douchebag.