Beyonce Drinks Wine, Probably Isn't Pregnant

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Either Beyonce is not pregnant... or she's going out of her way to show herself as an irresponsible mother.

With rumors continuing to churn that Bey and Jay-Z are expecting another baby, the singer took to her official website today and didn't write a word.

But she did post a very sweet photo of herself drinking wine while hanging with her man, an indication that she's NOT knocked up - and/or is not a believer in that whole medical science thing.

We choose to believe the former.

Beyonce Wine Photo

In other Beyonce news from the week, this is what happens when you slap her butt. Consider yourselves warned, future concert attendees.

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hey you beaitful baby beyonce you are nice pretty and do not let nobody let you down cause you are very speail and pretty do not let miley take your spot cause i thing she trying go againts you of your song and your voice and i thing she trying be all that i think that she trying be better than you to your spot .love charity your big fan yours


beyonce are you going miley your spot


and beyonce happy merry chrismas to you


im really 12 year i hope i can steal talk to you


hey beyonce i love your song of drunk in love what you geting for chrismas im geting alot im a big fan yours i hope you get this email from charityw and i love you o jazz i say hey


I'd be drinking too if I were married to that illuminati Joe Camel lookalike!"


oh ok studies say that a pregnant woman can casually have a small glass of red wine

@ Vanessa

I guess when you grow up you realize there is more to a relationship than looks, like character, sincerity, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, responsibility, dependability, emotional support, love.


Do your research before writing on subjects!! It makes you look dumb!!


OMG get a life stop putting so much in these stars. All u doing is making them rich and funk ass


A little wine would not hurt, but it is possible that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.