After Earth Revews: The Worst Movie Ever?

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The promotion has included a Fresh Prince reunion and a mini slam of the Kardashians.

But what about the movie itself? Should you buy a ticket this weekend to the Will and Jaden Smith showcase, After Earth?

No. Not at all. Don't you even think about it. So say most critics out there, as one after another has absolutely slammed the sci-fi film. Scroll down now for a rundown of their insults...

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I can't fault a proud father for suspending his I-only-play-leads policy to help build a big summer special-effects movie around his son, but After Earth does Jaden no favors. - Grantland

It's just a somewhat mundane coming-of-age story with a terribly miscast lead. - Detroit News

Is "After Earth" the worst movie ever made? - The Wall Street Journal

There is no small irony that this sci-fi action adventure is about surviving a serious crash. The scorched earth left behind by "After Earth" is sure to leave a scar on everyone involved. - The Los Angeles Times

You don't have to wait too long in the sci-fi adventure After Earth to get the uneasy feeling that you're going to be in for an awfully long 100 minutes. -

Even with his charismatic dad in his earpiece calling the shots, Jaden can't turn himself into a movie star by sheer force of Will. - Slate


Uh it's an M. Night Shyamalan movie, of course it blows! That guy ruins everything he touches.....


im jaden smith and i think this movie is crap! my father made me do it! i didnt want to do it, i want to be a muppets movie...ahhhhhh (farts)


you haven't seen "Back To The Future-part III" yet?


Normally this would be a game-ender for a young actor -- but the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days -- I predict Jaden Smith will be a HUGE star!

@ Robb7

Amen. I mean, almost every movie gets slammed now-a-days and it's all a matter of taste and opinions. I still would love to see this!

@ Heather

I'm with you on that one. Now-a-days all movies are slammed big time.. I would so watch this movie too Lol

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