Wife Killed Over HIV Fear in Arizona

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An unsettling and unusual story today out of Arizona, as a man has admitted to murdering his wife and adult son because he was concerned he had contracted HIV from prostitutes many years ago and may have spread it to his spouse.

Eugene Maraventano owned up to these horrific crime in a probable cause statement filed in court, police said Monday.

Maraventano Mug shot

The 63-year old says he stabbed his wife, Janet, with a 14-inch kitchen knife when she slept and then killed his 27-year old child, Bryan.

There's no official word on whether Eugene or Janet had the AIDS virus, but the former told authorities he often frequented hookers while working in New York.

His fear that he passed it along to his wife caused him to kill her, while he admitted to taking his son's life because he didn't think Bryan - who he believed to be mentally disabled - could cope without his parents.

Maraventano called 911 on Saturday to report the crimes, which detective say were committed Thursday.

Maraventano also says he tried - and obviously failed - to commit suicide on several occasions.


This man may have simply calculated that his wife and son if they had contracted HIV posed a financial liability threat to him as the point of origin, and been unwilling to get tested because of fear that the law requires sexually transmitted diseases to be reported to all the person has been in contact with intimately. He could have had other less obvious motives, but what he has said is enough to lock him up for life. What he did cannot under any circumstance qualify as self-defense. If he already has a terminal disease that would prevent him from serving many, many year is prison, he should be executed to make some punishment certain given his confessed crime. Most insanity pleas fail, and as far as I am concerned the man needs to spend life in prison without the possibility of parole.