Teacher Fired for Bible Handout Files Official Complaint

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Walt Tutka, a substitute teacher in New Jersey, claims he was fired for giving a student a Bible - and has taken up his cause with the the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Holy bible

Tutka says he handed a student a copy of this religious time after quoting a line from the Gospels and receiving repeated inquiries from the student over its source.

When Tutka learned the student did not own a Bible, he gave him a pocket-sized version he had been carrying.

A few days later, Phillipsburg School District Superintendent George Chando told Tutka he was recommending the teacher’s firing over the Bible conveyance.

This termination took place on January 14.

“I believe that I have been discriminated against in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and retaliated against regarding same,” Tutka’s complaint reads, according to The Express-Times.

Tutka is represented by an unnamed New Jersey law firm, along with a conservative Christian legal defense organization called the Liberty Institute.

Asked for a comment on the situation, Superintendent Chando told a reporter that he has none at this time.


Am I the only one who finds the irony of our current national debate...... We have taken the Bible out of schools and now we need to put guns in.... Things that make you go HMMMM


Really? A religious school? How many religious schools are there? Barely any!!!
Its freedom of speech that teacher has rights too! If the child wasn't exposed to religion he could have turned the offer down instead of ACCEPTING THE BIBLE!!!!


You can believe whatever you want as it doesn't affect me, but you do not have the right to just go around quoting the bible and handing them out to your students. What if that kid's parents don't want to expose their child to religion? You've just violated their wishes. He definitely should have been disciplined. Perhaps firing went too far, I don't know. If he wanted to talk to his students about his relgion, perhaps he should teach at a religious school that wouldn't have a problem with what he did.

@ Samantha

But the kid kept asking about it. It's not like the guy said "Oh here's a bible! Go study it!"

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