Selena Gomez on New Song: NOT About Justin Bieber!

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In one word: No.


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    The ultimate betrayal by your BFF Mr. 'Come & Get It' King Kevi was seen at your ex’s house. There are pictures' floating around that confirms he was partying inside the house, and he used your Range Rover to make the date.

    The ultimate diss by your ex inviting your BFF to her home.

    The trust is gone!! You need to start sterilizing your BFF’s, your past relationship, and your life!!!

    @ rb

    I NOT


    It all makes sense now! It's been said that Selena was seeing someone else while Justin and her were ON/Off during their relationship. I can only speculate that it had to be with
    Justin's Bieber's BFF King Kevi that was spotted leaving Selena's house on the April 4th. So it seems that Selena had been hooked up with Justin's BFF for awhile!!! Go's to saying by Selena that, 'Come & Get It' isn't about; "Honestly, to be 100% real. It's not really about a specific person", so I can only speculate it's about King Kevi!!! , that’s probably why Justin was late for his venue on April 5th; because he finely got the word and was pissed. Her statement: "I like Justin a lot"=record sales"!!

    Justin!! That makes two of your friends that have stabbed you in the back
    1. BF taking pictures of you smoking weed.
    2. BFF parting with your ex.

    Add know who your friends are to one of your life's lessons.


    Just as I thought...Well,some of it anyway. I knew it wasn't about Bieber. I'm still not sure I buy that it isn't about a specific person. Selena put too-much emotional depth in this one for it to be a random scattergun-blast toward the masses. In my experience,you only have THIS kind of quality poignancy from reaching within yourself, and just letting those innermost feelings flow unchecked...Depending upon the endeavor to which you release these heart-renderings,far more times than not,you will create something that touches so many,you wouldn't have believed it in the beginning. Mainly because that ISN'T why you did it. You weren't looking for sale-numbers,or worried that much about what people were going to think---you did it because something was inside of you that needed to be released...In an interesting sense of irony,because all of the clutter of marketing input,and worries from a purely business stand-point, aren't in the way---these forms of artistic expression tend to out-sell many of their counterparts...It has happened in more than a few situations. For example; One of John 'Cougar' Mellencamp's biggest selling Album's of all-time is 'American Fool'. Anyone even remotely connected to the music industry knows what the hit's 'Jack & Diane', 'Hurt's So Good' and 'Hand To Hold Onto' did for John's career---IT WENT THROUGH THE ROOF! And, to this day,anyone involved with music has heard, or knows about, at least one of those hit's---which should say a lot to those who are listening. The point about this, is that though JCM had been around in music for quite a while before that,he was counseled and restrained(to a certain extent)on his first endeavors. On 'American Fool'---He Was NOT...By his own words in an interview,John said he was told by many that what he wanted to put together would Never Sell...In 1982,I don't believe there was a bigger selling album in Rock. (MJ's 'Thriller' excluded because that was pop-rock...)What I'm trying to get across is that,Selena has put together that same vibe(NOT the same sound---The same vibe.) That vibe being True Emotional Content. You can FEEL it in the lyrics, and the music, that weaves the two together. The feeling,simply put is: It is REAL...
    Regardless of 'who' it's about,this song should not be set-aside, or bypassed, on the grounds of the above-mentioned point, alone...With everyone so busy worrying over 'who it's written for',I have a disconcerting notion that this very important piece will be overlooked...And that---will be a shame...
    As for the haters like @laffy here; Get Real...Selena has been in the biz' since she was 7. The Whole World knew who Sel' Gomez was LONG BEFORE there ever was a Bieber...Give everyone a present, and do some Research before making inane comments that have NO Validation,ok? When you don't know what you're talking about,you just come-off looking 'mentally impaired' to everyone else around you...
    With that being said,I'll end with; "Selena,this is your absolute BEST work yet. I applaud the way you just let everything flow here,and the ending result. It will be hard to top this,but---I look forward to seeing all the ensuing efforts to do so...Rock-it,Girl! ROCK-IT!! LOL!" Later all; Hollywood---out...


    She has lied in the past about her relationship with Justin. Check out:
    1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Feb 22, 2012.
    2. Selena Gomez calls Justin Bieber a dork-YouTube on ‘the 5:19 show’.

    If she wants people to believe that 'Come and Get It' has nothing to do with her feelings for the Bieb's, then she should sing another song off her album when she performs at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on April 14. She is doing the same thing that Justin did when he came out with 'Yellow raincoat', and then 'Nothing Like Us' at the end before his Believe Acoustic album release. He then sang 'Nothing Like Us' at SNL!! She is doing the same thing!!! Also 11 tracks!!
    Note: Justin did not mention her by name ether!!


    SHe needs to grow too!!! What she said on Letterman was uncalled for.
    I still say she dated him to boost her career, so if it were not for him she would be a nobody


    please stop with this biebery shit.
    .......SHE MOVES ON.
    he is stuck though.

    @ abe


    @ abe

    that's what I'm talking about,finally sb with a little background,thanks abe


    I simply love this girl! Yes Selena you are setting an example, girls should not make anyone the centre of their lives especially at such a young age... I love how she bounced from the break up with such vigour and sass, everything is going to work out just fine especially since she has so much to look forward to this year. You go girl!!! And the single rocks out loud!!

    @ Nala

    Abseloutely agree,she's perfect,she's the strongest person on this planet,she's gonna have a beautiful future ahead of her

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