Selena Gomez "Come & Get It" Teaser: Take 2!

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Selena Gomez has once again whetted the musical appetites of her fans.

With her next single set for an April 8 release, Selena has followed up yesterday's tease of "Come & Get It" with another extended sneak listen.

The track appears to be center on a dangerous love, causing one to wonder: Might it have been penned with Justin Bieber in mind?

Sit back now and enjoy these 30 seconds of Selena:


cadĂȘ o clipe da seel??? vcs sabem??


If the emotional content from just this snippet could be felt any deeper---I may have to get a paramedic to jump-start my heart...I don't know if it was the Beiber thing that made her reach so far down into herself like this,or 'who', or 'what',but, whatever it is---Selena made me feel like she opened a vein for this song...I simply cannot wait to hear the rest of it on Monday...Damn,Girl---way to let-it out! You got me on this piece here, alone! I think I'll go and listen to it a few more times just to feel that rush,LOL! Kudo's,gold-stars,A+'s,and a boat-load of accolades,hear,Munequita?! Later all; Hollywood---OUT...


.please be patient..................I'm on my way!!


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