Joe and Tina Simpson: Divorced!

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Jessica Simpson's parents Joe and Tina are officially divorced after 34 years of marriage. The judge put the final, legal stamp on their split this morning.

As for why they split? The speculation there only continues.

Joe, Jessica and Tina Simpson

Tina cited "discord or conflict of personalities" when she hit Joe with the divorce papers in Texas last year, while he did not directly respond to his wife.

He did, however, respond to the Joe Simpson gay rumors widely reported in the media, calling tales of his trysts with a pair of younger men "ridiculous."

It's unclear who got what in the split, but hopefully it will provide closure for both, as well as Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, who it's been very hard on.


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I'm anxiously awaiting a non-sensical, caps lock ridden, hate-filled comment from JOY. It's coming folks, JOY hates gay people. And I hate her.


I'm anxioulsy awaiting a non-sensical, caps-lock ridden, hate filled comment from Joy. It's coming folks, JOY hates gay people. And I hate her.

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