Tyler Perry's Temptation Review: A Mess of a Morality Tale

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Oh, Tyler Perry's Temptation, where to begin? You were written in a single night, right? On Red Bulls and Adderall? Or during a fever dream with not just a Telenovela, but the worst Telenovela - whatever that would be - playing on double-speed in the background?

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    Tyler Perry's Temptation Review: A Mess of a Morality Tale
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
    Have fun


    It sucked. We didn't have to think too hard to get the plot a tenth of the way into the film. We knew Brandy was going to end up with Mr. Awesome Husband, we knew somehow after Mr. Cheat-man was done seducing Mrs. Cheat-face he was going to become a total asshole, and we knew some life threatening consequence was going to happen to Mrs. Cheat-face because she becomes this dark-looking, loose, drunk direspecful character right after Mr. Cheat-Face stuck his penis into her.

    If anything, I "learned" according to Tyler Perry Morals: don't cheat on rich hot dudes, or else you'll turn into direspecful jerk, loose your husband, upset the church, get beaten by a maniac, loose your job, then die of HIV.

    Praise the lowd!!!

    Oh, and if you're the cheatee, you'll end up with a attractive singer from the 90s. YOU WON'T GO INTO A DEPRESSION, you'll end up with your wife's paramour's abused ex-girlfriend who will convieniantly work with you at your job (BECAUSE THAT TOTALLY HAPPENS ALL THE TIME).

    Spoiler alert: throughout the movie, Mrs. Cheat-face (a marriage councilor) is actually talking about her life to a woman who's cheating on her husband. The last words of the movie was the woman saying "OMG! If I cheat, I'll get HIV and die? Oh my! I must end this godless affair and go to my husband!"

    Yep. It's one of those films, folks.


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    The mivie was awful, the ending terrible. Please don't pay to see it. It is bad.


    Tyler Perry's Temptation

    The movie has an interesting plot twist at the end of the movie. But to get there you have to suffer through 90 minutes of slow boring dialog and mediocre acting that tries as hard as it can to put you to sleep. Then Tyler Perry tries to come up with a chain of events to get the characters to the ending he wants but he lacks the talent and creativity to write a plausible scenario that leads them there, so he injects some ridiculous unbelievable coincidence to put the characters there.


    YES it SUCKED! One of the worst movies I've ever seen! Such a disappointment - I want my money back.
    Such talented actors but no where to go, awkward, cheesy dialogue and plot. Beautiful looking film but empty and hollow throughout. stink message....out dated


    Just horrible...There are so many mixed messages such as you can't want more and better and if you do you will end up punished (Judith being sick) but you can be a a loving, small minded and forgetful jerk like Brice who get rewarded at the end with a family. SMH. Tyler Perry clearly has issues with women...I just can't see past that with his depiction of women in almost all of his movies. SAD.


    doesn't this temptation movie have the same story line with the marriage counselor 2008. well noticed tyler's movies have the same story line with some little stupid unnecessary "Mr Brown" jokes. c'mon T you sure can do a lot better than that. in case you never hard "don't tell a joke twice" it becomes lame. Be more creative.... is that too much to ask?


    Good job on this review; very entertaining! About 10x more entertaining than the movie, in fact. I am surprised though that you didn't comment on the horrendous attempt at line delivery that Kim Kardashian seems to think qualifies as acting, but then again, perhaps if we ignore her, she'll eventually go away.


    Just horrible. Completely unrealistic. Utterly flat and boring characters. Random hanging lines that could've yielded some depth but of course, they were left lingering in the air like a damp, acrid sock (ie. "dad is alive and I found him" and "just because you mother was a crack whore" - really TP where were you going with this and why didn't you get there?). Unrealistic outcomes - (1) the whole progression of the adulterous 'relationship' was not only rushed but left the viewer with a "really though?!" expression, (2) Judith, the unhappy wife who makes a series of passionate, yet stupid, decisions ends up a miserable, sick and lonely older woman limping off in the final scene, while Brice, the unsupportive "wait 10 years for your dream, I'm just gonna repeatedly forget that totally meaningless day that you were born because who really cares, you just left the house at 9pm without telling me and didn't return until the morning but I didn't even notice or ask any questions " husband, gets to live happily ever after. Then there's the ridiculous compilation of climatic moments that aren't really climaxes at all because you saw most of them coming 15 minutes into the movie and those that you didn't see coming are so insanely extra that it seems less like a lesson learned or a rain cloud and more like the gaping hole of the stormy heavens has opened up and swallowed the characters whole (enter the "really though?!?!" face). Brandy Norwood completely extraneous character whose only real contribution came towards the end of the movie with some of her lines that really did put some major life lessons into perspective (ie. "she's wrong for what she's doing but people change"). The snooze-worthy cyclical events and interconnected-ness of the characters stories which again, any apt viewer could probably see from a mile away.
    With all of that said, it didn't seem like the performances were lacking in particular (if anything the actors seemed to play their parts exactly how they were intended and any lackluster should probably be attributed to the actors probable boredom with the non-existent robustness of their characters and the storyline). I would even dare to say that the "moral of the story" isn't too bad: an unhappy marriage is one thing, get out if you can't work it out, but know that, as cliche as it is, "the grass isn't always greener". The fault of this movie is in it's lack of development, insanely unbelievable plot (or lack thereof), character underdevelopment, inexcusable jumps in time and space, and for it's almost "throw it all against the wall and hope something sticks" methodology -- basically in its lack of what makes a movie, well, a movie.

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