North Dakota Abortion Ban: Strictest in the Nation

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North Dakota lawmakers sent their state's Republican governor a pair of anti-abortion bills yesterday, both of which would impose the strictest ban on this practice of any state in the country.

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    When men carry a child then they can suggest what to do but until they do they need to keep there mouths shut


    Who the hell does the government think they are to say what a woman can do with HER body. A woman's body is her property not the property of the government.


    Neil, you should stick to the facts and stop hurling insults. That doesn't help to prove your point.
    Sarah, no one is telling anyone what they can or cannot do with their body, it is the body of the infant inside of the woman people are worried about.
    If a woman is raped that is a horrible tragedy. If she cannot look at the child she should give it up for adoption.

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    Pertaining the North Dakota abortion bans, if you are against it please sign this petition, call the governor and share this link:


    you want to carry a shild from a mass muderer & raper?

    @ abe

    Even though everyone agrees if you are raped it should be allowed, let it be known that it is STILL murder. Conscious says the effect of having the baby would prolong the rape- so it's weighed that way. Just keep in mind- I was raped- but that baby is STILL HALF my baby! It's not 100% rapist baby!


    exceptions for rape-yes...i agree


    Neil- I should be put in jail if I abort my child?? Are you crazy? Even if I have gone through a horrific tragedy such as rape? You're a man so you wouldn't know what it's like to be raped and get pregnant? You have no idea. And also-attacking my weight? That's what people do when they have nothing else to say.. "Uhhh I don't agree with you so I'm gonna say you're fat". And no I'm not. Not that that matters. Loser.


    Neil-spoken like a true man..


    It takes 2 people to make a child Sarah-you dipsh#t! Any woman who aborts *(kills) her child should be put into prison.Bawok Obozo supported partial birth abortion he must be a supporter of child murder by proxy as well.Sarahb how much do u weigh ?? 200lbs? lol


    Wow I am so happy that I don't live there. Way to take away an option, government. Abortion, adoption, keeping it...all options. Luckily I have never had to make that decision as to what to do if I got pregnant from a rape...have the baby and every time I look at it I'd think of how it's a product of a rape? Have the baby and see that disgusting rapists face? Have to explain to the child that his father is a rapist? No, I'd choose abortion. Guess I'd be driving to South Dakota! I seriously don't understand how pro lifers can tell a woman what to do with her body. If a man rapes a woman, the man says she must not abort the baby. Ugh. Stupid stupid man. Until you grow a uterus and have a baby and be afraid of being raped, keep your stupid mouth shut and don't tell me I can't abort my child.

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