La Toya Jackson: Fired on Celebrity Apprentice!

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After Bret Michaels' meltdown and Dee Snider's exit, Sunday's episode of Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars proved the most dramatic of the new season so far.

Their task was to create a five-minute soap opera for Crystal Light, with La Toya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin becoming dueling project managers.

La Toya

Jackson clashed with Omarosa from the start, and tensions rose throughout the night, the point where MJ's sister dealt a serious low blow, saying:

"Omarosa is the most evil person I've ever met. She's a no good, conniving scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke."

Not at all called for, Toya. Or correct, for that matter.

Jackson (and others) expressed their issues with Omarosa and how she was a distraction after finding out Duncan's 911 tapes were being released.

In any case, Baldwin's team won the task, giving his charity the $50,000 prize ... and Jackson surprisingly did not bring Omarosa back into the boardroom.

It was Dennis Rodman and Brande Roderick on the chopping block with her, and since neither did anything wrong, La Toya was fired by The Donald.

Was it the right call? Is there any doubt after this display?


Latoya should have brought her back to the board room and fight to the end. Omarosa is an evil witch. Was she engaged to Michael? Or is she just saying that like so many women do when their man dies, what he saw in her was only one thing. She is an opportunistic who was only with Michael to mingle with the rich, had he not been an actor she wouldn't have given him the Tim of day, she said she is a leader, leading what a pack of wild animals, and those fake tears, she should have stayed home, if she is going to cry fake tears every time she heard his name, Donald loves her cause they two vicious, and evil people, who are unhappy in life and takes it out on society.


I am also a Hater of that disgusting Omarosa, but I have to say that LaToya was a really dumb bitch to do what she did. And it totally backfired on her. She should be thankful that she's off this show. I would have never been on a show w/this moron Omarosa in the first place. She really is the most evil bitch EVER> It figures Donald Trump loves evil. He's evil himself. PERIOD>>>>>

@ omarosa evil bitch ewww

I agree...I, also, cannot stand that obnoxious Omarosa!!!!! And, I think that La Toya's recent firing on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars is further proof that the rest of the cast had better individually watch their own backs. Omarosa will throw ANYONE under the bus without blinking/batting an eye!!!!! Omarosa is beyond E-V-I-L!!!!!!


This show is so scripted that it's embarrassing to watch..yet, I do. But, you know DT wants and will keep Busey and Omarosa around as long as he can. It's kind of like DT's own private circus.


This broad is washed up anyway. So when will this show be AXED.


Latoya disappointed by turning coward at the last minute. Its true Donald wasnt going to fire Omarosa, but it still was a cowardly move, she should have went out with dignity.


Bringing in the wrong ppl can ultmatly get you fierd. Latoya must have lost all rational thought under the pressure. Omarosa was the only person that she had a chance to survive the boardroom with. Annoying decission... Then she got mad at her self in the end, realising the bad call and made a real unclassy comment. This episode leaves an bad taste in my mouth.


Donald, did right in telling Jackson that she was Fired, period! I would have canned her too, with her nasty attitude!


I'm annoyed that she decided to bring back Brande and Dennis. They, like you said did nothing wrong, with Brande being 'the star'. I believe she should have definitely brought back Omarosa to have her finished. There is no doubt in my mind that if she had Omarosa would have been fired straight away. I love La Toya and I think she had the right to say some of those things, because let's face it we all know how low Omarosa will sink. So like I said I love La toya, but her decision annoyed the hell out of me.

@ Jake

You obviously don't know anything ably Donald Trump. He was not going to fire Omarosa because he thinks she brings in ratings with her evil persona and over the top bad acting. We all no she has no heart. She just used ether whole MCD thing to gain some sympathy. Sorry.. not buying it.

@ pHil

Omarosa and her fake ass non tears
is a drama queen.

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