Kim Kardashian Weight Gain: A Total Kanye West Turn-Off!

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According to earlier reports, Kim Kardashian is melting down over her pregnancy weight gain.

And according to a new report, Kim and Kanye West are not getting down and dirty for the same reason.

Kim Kardashian Eating

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship used to be all about soft music, can­dlelight dinners and romantic nights together,” an insider lies tells The National Enquirer.

But now?!?

"Kim has put on such a large amount of weight, Kanye seems to be busier with his music schedule than ever, and Kim doesn’t think it’s a coincidence," this source supposedly says.

With stress already creating a miscarriage scare for Kardashian, friends are worried about what may happen between the couple.

“She’s concerned about Kanye cheating, and his disinterested and distracted attitude isn’t helping,” concluded the mole.

But those Kim Kardashian boobs should at least be growing, right? Just pull them out more often, girl.


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Kim Kardashian Weight Gain: A Total Kanye West Turn-Off!
Seems homemade to me


This seems highly unlikely for two people whose relationship has grown from an almost decade-long friendship, during which time they had many opportunities to hook up, but kept it platonic, to be I danger due to the birth of a child, which seems to be planned. Kim, was really desperate to have one. Perhaps Kanye wanted one too and they decided to conceive. They took their time to enter into this phase according to them. Also, Kanye reportedly did not have a history of cheating until the two of them hooked up when he was with Amber. It is frightening when you steal someone's boyfriend, because it is then hard for you to trust the man you stole. If anything in this article is true, then karma's a

Jayme franklin

Not true. In my experience, Scotsmen are bigger than black men.

Jessica gross

people gain weight when their preggo he shouldn't be concerned about her pre baby weight? 99% of these stars lose all their baby weight within 6 months after. Why should it be a problem what her weight is now? she should be the only one concerned if the doctor thinks it's unhealthy or not. She shouldn't be concerned what Hollywood idea of skinny right now. And if Kanye cheats on her it wouldn't be her fault. Someone cheating on you is never your fault. They should have the decency of ending the relationship before they hook up with anyone else.


If he is not interested in her as much as he was, then she should really do something to keep him again or more interested in her.


Its all that pineapple juice she's drinking to crotch sniff with her sisters. Can't wait for their kids to see that episode. They're going to be so proud of their freak parents. How can kanye not cringe.


people should be concerned about our boys in afghanistan not that slut. watch the heroes who rescue the wounded serial on tv. watched it last night and it broke my heart. these are the boys we should be talking about. God bless them all.


And white males has 95% rate of molesting there daughters or son there grandfathers have 100% so what the fuck

Jessica gross
@ lala

where the hell did you get those ridiculous statistics?


Poor Kim. Not that I agree with her lifestyle, but no baby should be without a daddy or mommy.


Since when is "an insider" considered an accurate source of information? For all we know, Kanye could be out making money like he should be doing anyway. He is a jerk anyway so if it is true, I'm not surprised.

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