Jim Carrey Funny or Die Video: Aimed at Gun-Toting "Motherf%ckers"

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Jim Carrey is trying to use humor to make a serious point.

The actor stars in a new Funny or Die video titled "Cold Dead Hand" in which he pulls double duty as the late Charlton Heston on the set of Hee-Haw and the lead singer for Lonesome Early and the Clutterbusters, a country group that mocks gun enthusiasts.

What kind of message is Carrey sending?

"I find the gun problem frustrating and ‘Cold Dead Hand’ is my fun little way of expressing that frustration," he said in a statement, adding in a far more pointed Tweet:

”Gun folks are afraid that control won’t stop with large magazines. Their nervousness is far less important than the safety of our children... 'Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.'"

Last week, Yoko Ono also got involved in the gun debate, using an image of John Lennon's bloody glasses to make her plea for gun control.

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Haha all these sad people trying to discredit Carrey because of this are so pathetic. I love my guns but I also love Carrey. He's a great guy and a fantastic actor. Just because my opinion is different than his is no reason to act like he isn't one of the best comedic actors of our time.


Jim Carrey will never reach the success that Charlton Heston has in theater, film and TV. Charlton Heston also was a major proponent of civil rights back when it could have cost him his career. Jim Carrey does not have the guts to do what is unpopular but what is popular--attacking law abiding citizens instead of law breaking criminals.


Hey I’m a woman and a responsible citizen(imagine that!)… I didn’t know I was compensating for something, haha! Not to mention he is mocking the dead, who can’t even defend himself. What a pitiful coward Jim Carrey has turned into. #JimCarrey – you lost a lot of fans with that idiotic display. I DARE YOU to live without body guards that carry guns for ONE MONTH. Alternatively, you need to be butt f*cked- or at least living in a daily fear of being raped, mugged or stabbed. You are a MORON! Facts show that more gun control = higher violent crime rates(Research Chicago, Candada, U.K.). Maybe you should go back to school(or at least go to school in the U.S.). #JimCarrey , may you enjoy more than half the country’s hatred, and I hope you learn something from this embarrassing time. It is beyond me why this dysfunctional country is ignoring facts just because they are too embarassed to admit they are wrong. They don’t care about us. This is about power. #JimCarrey , #BarackObama , #HilaryClinton , & #DianeFeinstein ……… they are ALL misguided puppets. The sooner Obama is out of office, the better for our country. There is no right or left, there is only freedom or tyranny. I am a responsible citizen & a registered independent voter. No matter what sorry excuse for a president or any ignorant comedian says, unconstitutional laws are not laws. That’s the reason we have the BOR, so that no smug, dictator-like “president” can change it at any misguided whim. Either way, are they going to ignore more than half the country? Nothing they are trying to do will prevent any gun violence. Stupid, stupid people. I am so ashamed of my country, I hope it survives…


Poor poor sad little Carry - he feels forgotten & unloved. Perceptive.


His is a fucking Canadian need to say more. Go back dumb ass of dumb and dumber


Once I thought you were funny now your dead to me and all us redneckmotherfuckers. Go back to Canada befor some nut or gang banger kills tou


Hey jim how about your own body guards you have carry mace in stead of guns? Put your dumm ass money behide your dumass


Looks like you done upset all dem gun lovin folk Jim all dem plain folk who lives well an be doin der duty by hatin damn iiiimigrants n aaaaaaarabs n queers n lesbos n blacks n democracy..... Oh isnt that what we're sposed to b ddddddfendin oh yeah n d right not to live in fear oh yeah n the right to live ......forgot all bout dat stuff


----Keep before your mind --everyone,
but everyone ---but everyone promoted
and set before the public in 2013 is utterly
vetted, 'on board' and compromised
by the forces of CAP-stone control.
Every last one of them is ON for
the POST American takedown and
RED China handover op. Every last
one of them is ON for teh CAP-stone Glbalist
EUGENICS agenda. Carrey is only typical.


"Gun toting motherf%ckers"? Well,Jim,sorry to hear about the incident with your mother,but---just because the dude was toting a gun,doesn't mean you have to be mad at every one who has one...LOL! How's that for comedy,'funny-man'?!
I'm betting if the one's you've upset with this ridiculousness were coming to 'share' with you,their opinions of what you could do with this video---you would happily hide behind your bodyguards---who I'm sure are Armed...But that would be 'okay' then--because it's YOU,right,Mr. Clueless? Or are you more than willing to step from behind your shields and 'take it like a man' like the common 'every day Joe' has to? Ya' know---People who don't have the brass to walk the streets that aren't in their ''comfort-zones' by themselves,unarmed,and take their chances like the everyday masses,really should Not comment on things they Cannot relate to...For they truly are talking from a stand-point that has absolutely NO Validation...It's Real EASY to spout-off about getting rid of guns when you can afford the very best security systems,gated and walled communities to live in,to hide-away from the real world,along with bodyguards,to take up the slack for you,and SWAT ready to be at your door in 30-seconds or less because of who you are,but, it's an entirely different scenario when you're just a working man, or woman,living payday-to-payday and more-or-less on your own every time you go down to the local store to get some milk,or are a sitting duck should a bunch of armed morons come kicking your door in, and threatening your family and you...How about the Mother in Texas who saved her family by shooting the man who forced his way in to her house, and would've done God knows what to her 2 children and her,if she HADN'T been armed,Mr. Carrey? Have you even bothered to ask her how she feels about this subject? Hmm?? The Hollywood Gossip reported on it just this year! Or what about The MANY just like her?? Or were you to busy sitting up there on your high-horse passing-out judgements on something with which I doubt you've EVER been faced with in your entire life?? Here's one a little closer to home for you: If you can,see if you can have a word with Mrs. Fran Drescher(The Nanny?)Ask her or her husband(at the time)if they had, had a gun,when those losers broke into their home,held them at gun-point,made him watch while they all took turns raping her,then robbing them---ask them what they would've done to the perpetrators,and ask her would she have had a single shred of remorse if she, or her husband could've gunned them down,when they first came through the door,instead of being helpless, and having to endure what they did...I'm betting it'll be a real eye-opener for you...I already know some of what she'll say. She made it plain in her autobiography...
That's it...I'm through...People like you who speak on things with which they have no real knowledge of,or have no real idea of what it's like out here in the vast majority of the nation,and no life experiences with which to draw such conclusions---make me physically ill,Mr. Carrey...It would be extremely helpful,if you would Think and Research Before You Speak or Act...Later.