Desiree Hartsock: Who is the New Bachelorette?

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Desiree Hartsock may not have won The Bachelor, but the fourth-place finisher will be handing out the roses as the new Bachelorette starting May 20.

The cutie said on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose special that she is “ready and open” to “to meet the man of her dreams” come this summer.

Desiree Hartsock Filming

Despite the fact that she made it far and became a fan favorite, we still don't know that much about her. So here are some fun Desiree Hartsock facts:

1. She is a bridal stylist and a designer in Los Angeles. That will certainly come in handy if, as she hopes, she'll be wearing her own before too long!

2. She designed her own dress for the opening rose ceremony when she wowed Sean Lowe. Who is now engaged to Catherine Giudici, but still!

3. She's outdoorsy. Loves hiking in particular. Hope you're in shape, guys!

4. She grew up in Colorado before settling in Newport Beach, Calif.

5. Like Sean Lowe, Desiree is a loyal and devout Christian, whose Twitter often refers to God and his will. No wonder she made it so far with Sean.

Her Twitter has been quiet since March 11, of course, since filming for The Bachelorette is underway! Sounds like it's going well so far, too.

“OMG just saw Desiree on her first date for The Bachelorette! She’s so cute omg & we talked & the guy was so hot” tweeted a Twitter user this week.

Des was spotted “on the freeway in Sherman Oaks, California” at “like 2:00 pm” on March 16, driving with a very cute guy in a very cute convertible!

Life looks pretty good for her right now, for sure.

“Excellent first date for Dez!!! So important to get off to a good start!!!” tweeted producer Mike Fleiss. “Dez is doing great. Already a first kiss!!!”

Excited to see Des as The Bachelorette?


I'm a guy, and I have no problem with Desiree being the bachelorette. I did want Sarah more, but Dez is bubbly and cute, funny and smart, and she makes me smile. My only concern is her crappy family. She remains close to them, and that would be a problem for any respectable guy.

Mike cobb

There’s nothing more disgusting than a group of supposedly grown men who sacrifice their self-respect to behave like a pack of hungry Wolves, swarming around a female like she's a piece of fresh meat, with only one thing in mind … getting in her pants. I take that back, there is one thing more disgusting … a woman who thinks their childishness is cute and gets turned on by it. Des’ maturity level and her moral convictions are going to be sorely tested on the Bachelorette.


Every guy I have talked to wanted Ashlee Frazier to be the next bachelorette!! None of them were that interested in Dez. You really should not have women voting too much on who is their favorite bachelorette that should be what men want. Women should vote for the bachelor!! Women think Dez is cute not guys. They like Emily and Ashlee. Bring Ashlee back is what I am hearing. Who runs this show anyway? Take some good advice producers!!


..............Mikaela Shiffrin, folks.

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