Charlie Sheen: Private School "Doosh Bagz" Are Harassing My Family!

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Charlie Sheen's beef with his daughter's former school is reaching new levels as he now claims goons have been threatening her and his ex-wife Denise Richards.

He says hooligans supporting the Viewpoint School, where Sam used to attend, left a threatening note and a knife jammed into a tree outside her home.

Surprised Sheen

Sheen RAILED on Twitter against the spineless "doosh bagz" connected with L.A.'s expensive Viewpoint School who are terrorizing his family.

The actor says his girls "had the pleasure of discovering a steak knife used to nail a note to the tree" and that the note threatened his family directly.

Charlie says two people were captured on surveillance tape committing the deed and that the behavior has reached the point where he's contacted police.

Sheen wrote on Twitter:

"Here's why people suck; a group of mindless Viewpoint [School] supporting doosh-bagz have targeted [Denise] and the girls with 'bullying tactics' as a response to my call to arms."

His "call to arms" involved urging fans to deface the school with toilet paper, etc., in the wake of Sam allegedly being teased into leaving the school.

The school insisted it took appropriate action, but Charlie says Viewpoint "condones" bullying, so he responded in kind - and warned those harassing his family.

"Leave them alone," he Tweeted. "This is not a threat but a promise that justice will be served. I'm not hiding. You are. Show yourselves you spineless cowards."

"Oh that's right; cockroaches scatter in the light."

"FYI - we have your faces on camera. Police are involved."

Charlie later told TMZ that his Twitter request to hurl dog feces and other objects at the Viewpoint School was more of a "metaphoric" call to arms.

Sure it was. In any case ... notes stuck in trees with knives?

This feud just got real. And you don't eff with the Warlock.

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