Bill Maher on California Tax Rate: Liberals, You May Actually Lose Me!

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Even Bill Maher is feeling the sting of California's new income tax rates.

“Liberals,” he said on a recent broadcast, "you could actually lose me.”


He made the comments during a panel discussion of U.S. budget policy that included MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who blasted Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal.

“The Ryan budget is a document that says the big problems in American right now are that rich people do not have enough money," said Maddow.

Maher responded, somewhat uncharacteristically: “You know what? Rich people - I’m sure you’d agree with this - do pay the freight in this country.”

Maher cited statistics that California millionaires pay nearly 40 percent income tax to the U.S. government, plus another 13 percent to the state.

“I just want to say liberals ... you could actually lose me. It’s outrageous what we’re paying, over 50 percent," the left-leaning personality lamented.

"I’m willing to pay my share, but yeah, it’s ridiculous."

Between national, state and local taxes, top California earners lose 55-60 percent of their income off the top. Of course, 60 percent of a million is still a ton.

What do you think? Fair or unfair?


I'm in escrow to sell my business right now and guess what I'm doing - leaving California before we close, so I don't have to give 13%+ of the sale price to this wonderful state. CA can Kiss My A if they think I'm going to hand over that much money to them! And guess where the new parent company is sending our 100+ jobs after 18 months - that's right, the Philippines and India. courtesy of California Liberals like Bill M. At least he's waking up - the rest of them could give an F about ordinary people. All they care about is demonizing job creating capitalists like my partners and I. Bah bye CA


everyone's a liberal until they get robbed or pay taxes ... welcome to the party Bill. It's bee a long time coming. Now if you told me he was converting to Christianity, then you'd have a real "man bites dog" headline.


Naive little children eventually grow up and see the world through adult eyes. If they are even somewhat intelligent and responsible persons, they will shift to the right. And so it was with Little Bill . . .


The US budget is $65,000 per family. So anyone paying less than $65,000 receives a subsidy from those who pay more. In essence I am on welfare. Shrink the government so that it is affordable by and answerable to the average family. Since we no longer feel the pain we will continue to ask for more free to us benefits. Healthcare, housing, food, education, aren't they all basic rights? Instead make these things payable by us as charitable deductions 100% income deductible. Then all liberals can pay for what ever they think is "right" the religious can support their churches, communities can form special charities to pay for healthcare needs, educational opportunities, and the government can shrink welfare spending by the amounts citizens choose to give to their causes. Sounds like FREEDOM!


I'm lovin' it. Obama used Maher and other fools like him for all he could get. Guess he doesn't need them anymore. lol When Maher moves out of California and leaves it to losers like Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, he can tell them not to worry, that Obama's 'sweetie' buddy, Georgie Clooney, wierdos like Pitt & Jolie, Cher, Michael Moore, Matt Damon and the rest of the Hollywierd fruits and nuts will pick up Maher's share of the tax load. Also, here's a tip for Bill Maher....the GOP doesn't want you or need you. Maybe Ann Coulter will still want you. She's desperate!


What do you want your $1, 000.00 dollars back from your lib token nig you voted for and gave your money to. You get what you bought


55-60% to the government? Think again. Let's see: 39% fed income tax; 13.3% state income tax; 10% state sales tax. That's 62%, and they still have property taxes to pay, which brings the total tax burden close to 70%! They get to keep 30 cents of each dollar they earn. And that's not a fair share? I agree: that's not a fair share. That is an unfair share. That, dear reader, is socialism in action. And the state of California is not only broke, but is borrowing $40M per DAY to pay for unemployment. You want to see what the U.S. will look like in four years? Look at California today. And weep.

Rachel reading

Never thought in a million years that Bill Maher would say, " could actually lose me."


don't complain.
California has already the fantastic weather year round.


He is a loud mouth, arrogant, pig!! Who has no clue of the agenda he is pushing, just like 99% of the other idiots, pushing for the same agenda! They have been in a blind love affair with Obama, at our nations expense, and now guess what??? The affair is over!

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