American Idol Top 8 Review: Who Stumbled?

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The American Idol Top 8 took their act to Detroit this week, covering songs by artists who hail from the Motor City.

Did this variation on Motown Night pay off? For some, yes.

Janelle Arthur broke out her guitar and broke down "You Keep Me Hangin’ On" in very impressive fashion. See for yourself:

For others? Far less so, most notably Angie Miller, who failed to show the "fun crazy side" she promised prior to her failure to really rock out on "Shop Around."

And Lazaro Arbos, who attempted to cover Stevie Wonder and whose voice was simply not up to the challenge. Will it finally be time to say goodbye to Arbos tonight?

Watch a handful of the Top 8 performance below and vote on your favorite.



American Idol used to be an up to date and entertaining family show with class.Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler had savyness and did a great job judging during the last season. Ever since Nicki Minaj came in to the judging panel, she has made the show ghetto, trashy, classless, and a complete joke that has totally turned off viewers from watching this popular show. Mariah and Keith Urban is boring, dull, and isn't bringing much to the table in terms of judging.American idol producers better step it up, get rid of Nicki Minaj for good (she is not an idol but rather looks and acts like a circus clown with her rainbow wigs, fake British accent, and fake light complexion), and bring people who have essence and the ability to do the job right or else this show will go off the air and into the dumps. Don't let Nicki Minaj's ridiculous presence lead American Idol down that road!!!!!


It looks like Janelle got the big 'un, but frankly, she does a country thang with her voice at the end of every phrase that really grates on my nerves. I didn't enjoy her performance, 'You Keep Me Hanging On'. It was just too repititious. I was glad when it over.


I LIKE Angie's fun side and LIKED Angie's "Shop Around" -- sorry! ALL of the women are terrific, but not EVERY song sung has to be serious. Angie deserves credit for being the maverick. It took courage to sing something light-hearted when the competition is so intense. And a facetious song is better if it's NOT pitch-perfect. The judges take themselves too seriously. Thanks, Angie!


I am all for KREE HARRISON !!!
They are all good but KREE is the one !


AI was great last night..even Lazaro redeemed himself..only Angie had a bad performance..the girl is falling behind every week..don't know what the problem is..but she could be going home tonight.


Could this site be anymore biased against Lazaro? The judges said he did great last night, and you're saying he "attempted to cover Stevie Wonder and whose voice was simply not up to the challenge". Seriously, he was great last night. How about you write up the facts and not your opinions?

Ms billie
@ Samantha

Samantha I agree with you he was great last night. I'm so tired of people downing him because of his stuttering. He's a great singer and I hope he win's because he deserves it and it will also prove just how good he really is.


that stupid angie thinks she is something she is not. trying too hard to be sexy - she looks like a horse and needs to be voted off.

@ christieo

You're absolutely right....She thinks she's got it knocked....Amber, Candice, Kree, and even Janelle much easier on the eyes and keep it real.

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