TSA Apologizes for Disabled Toddler Harassment

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The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has issued an apology after an embarrassing video, filmed by a Missouri couple, painted its agent in very poor light.

On February 8, TSA screeners in St. Louis stopped Annie Schulte and her three-year old disabled daughter on their way to Orlando.

As Schulte explains in the video below - as well as to ABC News - she became alarmed when an agent claimed it was illegal for her to film the agents patting down and screening her daughter, who was visibly/loudly upset by the confusing situation.

The agents are refused to hand over the daughter's stuffed animal at first, even though it had already passed through security. Watch events unfold now:

In response to this incident, the TSA sent out a statement that reads:

"TSA regrets inaccurate guidance was provided to this family during screening and offers its apology," the agency said. "We are committed to maintaining the security of the traveling public and strive to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. While no pat-down was performed, we will address specific concerns with our workforce."

The family has accepted the apology and the child has received a happy ending: she made it to Disney World and met Mickey Mouse.


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