Rush Limbaugh: Ashamed of America!

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You've done it now, Democrats. You've made Rush Limbaugh officially "ashamed" to be an American.

That's how the conservative radio host described himself yesterday when ranting about the budget sequestration, an issue President Obama says could cripple the economy if Congress can't strike a deal before next month.

Limbaugh believes that argument from Obama - who said yesterday that love of rich people binds the GOP together - is an "insult" to his "common sense and intelligence."

"Here they come... sucking us in, roping us in," Limbaugh said.

"Panic here, fear there, crisis, destruction, no meat inspection, no cops, no teachers, no firefighters, no air traffic control. I'm sorry, my days of getting roped into all of this are over."

Limbaugh also believes The Dark Knight Rises is a liberal conspiracy.


We have to stop giving a piece of crap like Limbaugh our attention. He says these things on purpose to keep his name out there and relevent. He hypes his brain dead followers up and takes their money for his stupid website and we keep paying attention to his stupid remarks when we all know he is just a shyster.


listen: I may be not a american but my entire heart is with all today's and future americans.
you know what bothers me most?
this is a civilisized country we're talking about?
the way people are treated as suspects?
the dead penalty?
smoking pot?
punnishments? ...............TIME TO CHANGE.


Believe me when I say this Rush, your country is ashamed of you. Let us review your many embarrassments we have had to endure: Your 2012 outrageous comments about Sandra Fluke and ignorance of birth control. You lost so many sponsers it should still be fresh in your mind. Your 2006 trip to the Dominican Republic for "Adult Travel". You remember don't you Rush? When you were held by US Customs for having a prescription of Viagra in someone else's name. Sex tourist go there to have sex with little girls. Or how about in 2003 when you could no longer hide your pain pill addiction and it became public knowledge you were a drug addict. We remember. How about all the useless garbage spewed daily on your rightwing radio show? I guess you think you are doing our nation a great service. We don't. So any time you want to renounce your citizenship and leave, don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!

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