Most Disliked Athletes List: Who's #1?

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It turns out, there's little this country hates more than a celebrity who falls for a fake girlfriend hoax.

That's the main takeaway of a new poll conduct by Forbes in which the magazine asks readers to name their Most Disliked Athlete.

Manti Te'o ESPN Interview
Lance Armstrong Running

Based on based on how much an athlete appeals to those responding, here's a look at the top bottom 10:

  1. Manti Te’o 15% Appeal
  2. Lance Armstrong 15% Appeal
  3. Tiger Woods 19% Appeal
  4. Jay Cutler 21% Appeal
  5. Metta World Peace 21% Appeal
  6. Alex Rodriguez 22% Appeal
  7. Michael Vick 23% Appeal
  8. Kurt Busch 27% Appeal
  9. Kobe Bryant 27% Appeal
  10. Tony Romo 27% Appeal

I think Antonio Brown from Pittsburg Steelers should be added to the list as a horrible athlete. This young man potrays an image of a righteous man but he is actually a monster. He has the money to give his son mother a hard time and harass her just because he wants full custody and does not want his son around his mother. What kind of foolishness is this to even display such behavior around his son? I guess the new thing now is, if you have the money you rule the world. The court has ordered Antonio son mother to move to Pittsburg so that they can do shared parenting but this man is giving her pure hell and taking her back to court to just portray her as a bad mother. This woman left her comfort zone and agreed to move to Pittsburg so that it will not be a hardship on the child and he has the ability to be with both parents and not travel back and forth from Miami to Pittsburg. At the end of the day that is the little boy mother and their should be some level of respect. I guess when you cant have your cake and eat it to, you bite into a lemon.


.....tim tebow?