Melissa King Video: It's Totally Her, Right?

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Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, has relinquished her crown amid allegations that she filmed a porn video just after her 18th birthday last year.

The story broke this week when a sex video on the "real amateur girls" website GirlsDoPorn (dot) com surfaced that allegedly starred Melissa King.

The site is very NSFW obviously, as is the video. The clip seen above is just King - or a King doppelganger - talking. No clothes are taken off here.

In the Melissa King video, she says she turned 18 three months ago - in March, her birth month - and is doing porn because she needed the money.

She then says that she participates in beauty pageants, though she doesn't reveal in which state (she also says she likes to be on top).

Crazy as it seems that a young, attractive woman with a bright future like Melissa would resort to this, she reportedly overcame a difficult background.

In a documentary about foster care in Delaware, King, having recently been crowned Miss Teen Delaware International, discusses her rise to  success.

Having been a foster kid from age 12 to age 18, King notes that depression and anxiety are common for foster children, not to mention fiscal hardship.

As Miss Delaware Teen USA, Melissa had vowed to give back and dedicate a great deal of her volunteer efforts to working with other foster children.

King initially denied it was her on the sex video.

“Absolutely not. It is not,” she said declining to offer anything beyond, “There are comments saying this, however, it’s not comments that are true.”

A rep for Miss Teen USA said, "I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney."

Nevertheless, reports say the pageant says they have reached out to runner-up Hailey Lawler to replace King, who will in fact hand over the tiara.

If her recent social-media activity is any indication, it would appear that King knew her past was coming back to bite her. Here's one recent Tweet:

M. King Tweet

Melissa, you went from "Miss Teen to "Stank Hole Skank" in three
Seconds flat. What are you gonna do now?
That Mexican stunt Cock looked like he was drilling you a new hole
When you were on your back. What a shame such a Beautiful Girl
Had to resort to such a despicable act.
I know that the big feet was a camera distortion and it made the
Guy look like he was 11 inches. Girls do Porn says it was 8 inches. It won't work to try to be ever popular at College. Hang back!


The real problem is that she felt this was the only outlet she had to get money as she stated. Many young adults in her situation have had to resort to this when no other means was available for them to support themselves. Its sad, she seems like a bright young lady, and I hope she doesn't let this be her down fall and goes on to bigger and better things. Wishing you the best, GOD BLESS! never forget to pray!


She fucks like a one legged man runs....


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She made a mistake, I'm sure she regrets now. Look at ParisH, KimK and PamA, "secret tapes", and you can see why a young person would do this. I hope she can move on from this, she seems like a nice person.


After 10-15 years loading explicit videos of oneself will be a none-issue. Times will change and at that time a large of the adults, who are now teens, have uploaded nude pictures and sexvideos of themselves. Everybody knows somebody whose anatomy in their youth can be inspected on the web. Times and mores change! I wish Melissa a good and happy future.


Denial is a reaction everyone uses to evade or escape being caught and prosecuted (persecuted) whether it's s courtroom or public oppinion. So this girl is no different than anyone else including you or me even if you never did an adult entertainment vid. Considering how close the adult entertainment industry and all other Hollywood, magazines, television and radio outlets are related its very likely that this could happen to anyone who is trying to become a beauty queen or even a college or professional sports cheerleader. So its also understandable. Is it forgivable? Considering the moral standard for entry into these competitions, (some don't even allow the girl to have a boyfriend let alone be married) it's a breech of contract. She should loose the crown. Should the standards be lowered? They might as well be since everything else in this country has gone to shyt with the liberal idealisms. So why make this an issue in the press? So the press can use this to further their agenda using this girl as a victim that we will sympathize with and then demand a change in the beauty pageant moral codes standard. How many of you now feel manipulated? You should.


Everyone makes mistakes. Time will pass, someone possibly Lindsay Lohan will have another one of her classic public fuck ups and people will move on to the next scandal. She was and is just a stupid kid looking to make a name for herself. She went about it the wrong way certainly but I don't think this is something she can't recover and learn from.


She may be a King by her last name but not one or a Queen as a title anymore.


please no?, ANOTHER TEEN MOM

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